Josip llicic

  • Does anyone know if he will be back playing or has he retired

  • @Mart I read he's back aiming to return to training in September with a view to play again in November, there are a few articles for non main stream sources quoting this.

    It's clear he's had some sort of issue affect him that's non injury related and I'd be cautious on him as nothing seems certain on a return.

  • i think i will take your advice and wait
    many thanks

  • @DW wasn't it depression? Not sure how true it was but there was a rumour circulating that he caught his wife cheating and sunk into a deep depression and considered quitting football.

    Not like an injury you can judge but at least it doesn't sound like a depression that's came from nothing, there is a root cause and perhaps once he moves on from his wife or patches things up he might be alright? Not even sure how legit the story is but really shit for him if true.

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