Bid notification service

  • Does anybody know it is possible to set up a notification system so that you know when a player you hold receives a new bid? I'm trying to shift one of my players using the ME and I am amazed at the regularity with which the IS price is changing, but I wondered if I could set up a notification so that I don't have to keep checking. I know FI don't offer this but wondered whether one of the other sources out there does. Cheers.

  • @Mintyfresh I would also like to know if there is a way of getting a notification when -

    1. Someone has outbid you
    2. Your bid has been fully matched

    Rather than having to log on and refresh the page to see this. A bigger pain when bidding on multiple players at the same time!

  • @Mintyfresh I don't think such a service is available but I suppose this need will be negated with order books coming in soon at least

  • @FootballArgos thanks for this, I just wondered if it was with some of the subscription services out there. I've never worried too much before, but having now decided to bite the bullet and use the IS feature, I've been amazed how quickly the bids change. I sold some of one player at 94p, but the next best bid was 80p, so I left those alone. Since then (over the past week) the top bid has fluctuated between 63p and 82p that I have seen, but every time it gets near to the 90p or so I want, the top bid is either accepted or withdrawn and it all starts again! Just wondered if there was a way to see quickly when new bids come in, as I was surprised at how quickly they are getting matched.

    I'll just keep checking periodically and, as you say, won't be an issue once OBs are here.

  • Check out Index Price Alerts.. Its a free service which is brilliant. It might not do everything you need but it does price notifications

  • @Karl thanks for that. Can't say that's one I've heard of. I'll take a look. Cheers.

  • @Mintyfresh the top IS varies so wildly, definitely worth checking regularly but unfortunately, think the only way to do so right now is manually. Someone did put together a data scraping thing on here recently and highlighted the top IS bid fluctuations over 24 hours but I think the consensus was that releasing the mechanism (or developing into a service) might be against FI Ts and Cs alas.

    Things seem to be moving at pace now tho, even market selling seems to be back in vogue for many players!

  • @FootballArgos thanks for this. I did have a look at the Index Gains site, but could only see a notification for the average, not the top bid. Still not a bad indicator, but hides some massive fluctuations. Looks like I'll be manually checking until sell orders come in. Worth it though if I can get a better price.

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