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  • Hi, I'm still fairly new to FI, have been building my port up with a long term view, ultimately preparing for the Euro's next summer. Have been mainly buying keepers with a view for PB over the season (those in European competition or Euro's), some strikers and midfielders (again Euro competition and Euros). Have been looking to get to a place where I have a GK, Def, Mid and Striker for all the of top nations next summer, with the plan to sell non-Euro players (like Neymar / Oblak etc) once their teams are nearing the end of European competition.

    With the recent div increase, I'm wondering whether this approach is flawed and I'd be better looking short term and cashing in on the dividends on offer.

    I guess my question is does anyone think preparing for the long term / future is a viable / sensible approach or is there plenty of time to have a port prepared for the euros?

  • @NewUser607170 this is a good safe way of trading, covering as many bases as you can with players. I set my port up for the euros last November before covid screwed me and my hopes for them. Just a safe way to play imo, slow and steady, never really feel any of the big drops as usually the rest of my port is trickling along and can top up/add to it accordingly.

    On the flip side, there is a lot more money to be made trading in and out of players at the minute.

    Some real bargains to be had on ME!!

  • I think if you focus on internationals with high PB scores or potential, you should be fine. Or have a mixed port. I’ve got some young players I think can benefit from Cap App, some historically strong PB players who are mostly European internationals, and some picks that combine at least one of the above and with the chance to pick up dividends this month. Each to their own, but personally I prefer diversity.

  • @NewUser607170

    There is definitely no harm in taking a long term view. Focusing your money on keepers and outfield players covering the top teams in euro club competition and Euro's is a solid approach. Once September is past and the mental IPDs are over then people will be looking in different areas of the market to find value.

    We have wall to wall football for 2 years with the euro's and the world cup, so both are worth bearing in mind if you are playing the long game. Traders attentions will turn to the other parts of the market such as the euros in due course, but right now the main opportunities are short term wins.

    There are a lot of ways to make short term wins for the next month and beyond with IPDs doubled, but it is not always an easy strategy to get right. If you are happy with your port it may not be the best idea to switch it all up just to play for IPDs this next month, but it could be worth freeing up a small pot to experiment with on short plays. I have always preferred trading long and most my port is set up for that, but I have a separate pot of about 10% of my port cost that I am using for short term plays across the season

  • I'm doing exactly what your doing mate

  • @NewUser607170 I think your approach is fine. I don't see why you can't diversify a bit too. Put some money aside for some cheap French players, might be a bit too late as they all seem to be rising but I think there are still bargains to be had.

    Due to my lack of knowledge of the French league I was going to try and not buy players specifically for the bonus dividends but I got too tempted. I don't see why you can't take advantage of it short term and perhaps use the profits to fund your original approach.

  • @NewUser607170 I'm a more cautious trader than most, so I rarely get involved in the current trend (fearing I'm in too late and will be stuck with an overpriced purchase) but try and look to where the next trend is going. Ideally, I like to have at least two reasons for every purchase, so if one doesn't work out, there is always another reason to hold.

    I think having one eye on the Euros is a good reason to buy and this is the way a lot of ports will start to be structured over the coming year, but even if this is your strategy, I would want another reason for each purchase right now. I'd therefore be looking for holds that could be good for the Euros, but that also have good IPD possibilities this month, or indeed general dividend chances over the coming year.

  • Thanks all, appreciate the comments, really useful for me :0)

  • change ur username if ur sticking around too

  • @NewUser607170 It also depends on how much time you have to spend on FI and football in general. There is a lot of short term opportunity right now and market volatility will remain, especially with sell orders coming in...which will mean more opportunity.

    It's an opportunity cost vs personal trading/lifestyle question I think.

    Nowt wrong with long term, sewing the right seeds now will deliver rewards downstream Im sure.

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