How did I miss this 2 years ago?

  • I probably watch 6 or 7 games a week on average & I have Sky Sports on most days. How on Earth did I not come across this website 2 years? I go on Twitter everyday and I trade the stockmarket, I still don't think many people have heard of this website?

  • They haven’t got a lot of tv adverts (I think I’ve only seen a couple over 2 years but even then didn’t bat an eyelid). I wouldn’t worry yourself too much about, be glad you’re here now, research, prep your strategy and make some money 🙌

  • Yeah pour marketing strategy, I only seen it on a small advert on the underground.

  • Talk sport have had an advert for a while that’s how I found it a year ago.

  • @NewUser60527
    Me to mate

  • We're accustomed to zone out adverts which is why big companies repeat them to death.

    Don't beat yourself up; it's still early doors and there's still so much money to be made, even the big players remain somewhat underpriced given the dividend they return. Eg. Most of the Top 10 are probably returning over 20% of their price in annual buzz right now.

  • Speaking of zoning out adverts, Talksport were running a paddy power advert for the man united v spurs fa cup semi final today.

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