Van de Beek

  • No offence to Ajax but they were lucky to keep him this long!

    I'd be happier with him at Barcelona in terms of game time though, can't see Man U playing him, Pogba and Bruno?

  • Yeah strong competition to win PB against Bruno but I can imagine United will be strong for his initial price rise. Most the articles circling round united now.

  • with all the news pointing to a man utd move do you think he will reach the £4.00 value

  • I'd have thought he would go to 3.50 to 4 if that was confirmed. Depends whether he could maintain that and grow with PB scores.

    A move to any pb team should justify growth on his current value, I don't see the value of united being currently built into the price.

    He also has age and the prospect of being involved in a good euro side. Seems a good choice to me

  • some good points there i think i will add him to my port see how he does

  • His average pb is 73 through ajax in europe.
    Bruno was 150 from sporting

    Vdb will be a bench player mainly

    MB wont be much

    I wouldnt bother and the people holding will be selling on the peak of a transfer.

    Also if messi signs for city its going to devalue some Man U MB in the short term imo.

  • thanks to pr88 comments in profit with van de beek many thanks

  • Great player for the future but will need a little time to adapt to the Premiership

    Long term hold for me, but happy with his current spike

  • @Mart Looks like £4 will be easily achievable :D

  • Personally don’t get it. With all the IPDs etc on offer why are people buying a player who has no PB game, will be backup to Bruno and Pogba, and won’t get all the MB that comes with a Utd move as Messi has monopolised that.

  • @chaps1988 Yeah true, the fomo is strong! Alongside Pogba having no bids on him currently.

  • @chaps1988 thinking the same as well. Don't understand the transfer link to start of with, where will he play cause I can't see Bruno, VDB and Pogba together? Then his PB game seems pretty weak just don't get the price to be honest

  • Yeh it’s a bad FI buy tbh, but Utd transfers always get rises. United need a stronger squad, their bench is fodder, highlighted by the EL final. That’s why he’s being signed. And tbh Pogba may leave or be sold next year depending how it goes this season.

  • dont see him as a bad buy myself he was around 3.07 this morning now instant sale at 3.32 would love more bad buys like him

  • Always love a bit of bitterness. Going to United is the holy grail on the Index. If he goes there, and he does well, it won't mater if he doesn't have a solid PB game. Although he will be playing in a different system so we don't know whether he will have a good PB game. Ultimately though, he isn't that expensive in the grand context at around the 3.40 mark. Glancing through the players that are more expensive, there are players there with no PB game as well. At United, he has an inherent higher glass ceiling. People will be buying in knowing if he hits the ground running, there is 2-3 quid worth of growth still there, but if he fails, will probably be able to get out for 1 quid loss. It's totally a gamble, and most of us like to take a risk, but to say it is just fomo is not accurate either, there is some logic even if you disagee with it

  • Not bitter in the slightest. He isn’t a good buy and that’ll be shown this season when he’s just backup. Just had a big dividend increase, massive IPDs and people are putting money into a gamble when there are so many sure fire bets lol. For example, I have rather put it into Thauvin who’s just scored (5p), will probably win star man (8p), and has gone to 20-30p CA. Plus had loads more games coming up.

  • He's not the holding midfielder we need, but adds strength in depth if the move goes through.

    At best he's Pogba's replacement in the midfield 3, at worst he's the back up for either Pogba or Bruno when either are injured/rested/suspended.

    Kind of like Dan James is at the minute for the wide positions.

  • @Pez how many games did Pogba play last season? I see him as a bit of a liability. Great on his day, sure. But I wouldn't count on him to be fit for the whole season. If Utd want to challenge they need more quality in the squad and more competition for places.

  • @chaps1988 he won’t just be back up. United have two games a week for the vast majority of the season. He’ll play a lot, scores and assists. If people are trading for IPDs he’s a decent shout, along with Ziyech at Chelsea.

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