Hakan Calhanoghlu

  • ive been a big fan of this guy for a while and was lucky enough to buy in at 1.27( now 2.19) so got some nice cap app and dividends. im wondering if now is the time to sell up even though i think he's a great hold. im thinking of how players rose before the resumption of football and then fell when they disappointed. Afterall he doesnt have the same dividend guarantee of someone like kimmitch and maybe his recent rise is due to recency bias. any thoughts?

  • @jonathan-rolfe 2 questions.

    1- is the reason you bought him still valid?
    2- would you buy more at his current price?

    It’s a 3 year bet so unless you no longer feel he’s value why would you sell.

    He’s a PB potential player so should earn dividends over the next few years.

    If you bought him for Cap app then you made a fair bit so you could lock in the profit

  • cheers . yeah im thinking maybe too sell up before resumption of serie a . i can see him still getting a rise. even though he got pb. I'm not sure how competitive he will be when all the leagues are on but for now he seems to have sentiment. thanks for the advise. will play it by ear

  • Take into consideration he’s got European football this year with Milan and euros with Turkey next summer at the price you got in at I’d say hakan has more than a fighting chance to return your full stake in him in dividends. Good luck with s what you decide👍

  • I got in early at just over a quid.
    I’ve topped up all the way up to 2 quid.
    I’m keeping for mid to long term so sit back and enjoy dividends. Only trading I’m doing with him is to refresh the shares for ipds

  • I got him on ME about 2 weeks ago for 1.48 when he was 1.79. Worked out quite well for me, but want to keep for a while to see if he continues his late season form. Was posting big PB scores. Helped that he was scoring and assisting for fun. Euros for Turkey too looking further ahead and he is approaching peak age.

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