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  • Hi Guys,

    Some help please, I've been reading and reading but cant get my head around how to successfully flip a player at the moment for IPD's.

    As an example, I hold 100 Neuer, bought @ 95p, currently £1.10 (£1.07 IS).

    Bought with a view to holding for PB until the Euro's at least. But how would I flip to refresh the shares for the current IPD promo?


  • @NewUser607170 instant sell at £1.07, (you would also lose 2p in comission per share) and put in a bid to buy at say £1.09/£1.08 or avoid the risk/wait of your bid being accepted and buy back at market price.

    You lose around 5p per share but the trade off is all shares will be eligible for 10p per clean sheet in September.

  • @NewUser607170 said in Successful IPD flip:

    But how would I flip to refresh the shares for the current IPD promo?

    This can be a useful & profitable way to hold a player long term, but also add short term value with extra IPD's; I hold Thauvin & have for over a year but yesterday he was finally back from long term injury & Payet (Marseilles other most creative player) was out due to a CV test, so Thauvin would likely be their main playmaker.

    His price was 234-237 in the morning so I sold via IS at 234 (something I very rarely do, always use Market sell usually) & bought back immediately from market at 237. This cost me 3p in spread & 5p in commission so 8p total but now I had 30 days IPD eligibility on top of my existing long term hold.

    He had a great game, won mid PB, scored & had 2 assists, so whilst I would have won the PB dividend anyway I now also benefited from 1G & 2A IPD's which is 3p but under the 5x promotion equates to 15p, more than covering the 8p cost of IPD renewal. I also benefit from 4 more eligible IPD games with the new doubled IPD coming in from 12th Sept + as an added bonus his price is now 251-269p but as a long term hold that is only relevant if you wished to sell which I don't.

    Obviously success will depend on performances but if used judicially it can generate extra income even from long term holds.

  • Two things, Neuer won TOTM, if you wait till Wednesday your 100 shares return another £5.
    Because of TOTM their may also be a bit of a sell off on Wednesday.

    The IS is £1.07 but you can currently sell 50 for £1.09 and then the next 50 at £1.08. When the spreads are so narrow you are paying a very small fee to IPD refresh your shares, definitely worthwhile on the cheaper players during this promotion.

    I have generally done the refresh differently. Market sell those in demand and then try and buy back on ME. Worked really well with Di Maria, Cornet and Ramos. Failed completely with Marquinhos, price kept rising and couldn't buy back cheaper. More profitable but riskier and slower.

  • Another way to flip for IPD's is during the game. (Forget goalkeepers for a minute). If a defender scores a goal it is currently 10p per share, soon to be 20p a share.

    If this is a sub £2 player the commission is sub 4p. If the spread is 5p or less you can IPD flip and guaranteed not to lose. (Max 4p commission and max 5p spread together are less than the 10p IPD reward). Then you are IPD refreshed for any other goal involvement in that game and for the next 29 days. Calculations work the same for other positions and player prices, just need to do the maths.

    The only thing you may lose out on is if this is a kick off after 4pm and that player goes onto to win PB that day, your old shares were eligible but your new shares aren't.

  • @Martyn-B said in Successful IPD flip:

    The only thing you may lose out on is if this is a kick off after 4pm and that player goes onto to win PB that day, your old shares were eligible but your new shares aren't.

    I did exactly that with Calta-Car yesterday, having held for over a year at 28p cost price, not won a single penny (or ever come close iirc) I saw he'd scored so cashed out to market at 66p & felt very smug. Intending to buy back on the after midnight IPD sell off, of course he then went on to score again, win PB & fly up another 20p.

    i failed to secure the PB & Starman win which I would have collected for doing nothing (also my Badashile lost out on PB defender to him) & also missed the IPD's as I didn't rebuy & my originals weren't eligible. You simply can't win every trade so I will have to be satisfied with the 35p capital app, after commission!

  • Thanks for this, brilliant, just what I needed.

    And thanks for the reminder on TOTM! Had completely forgotten I'm pending payouts on 4 players for TOTM!

  • @Geronimo159387 I did the same with a small part of my Cuadrado shares a few months back. Forgot they were in the sales queue, scored, starts selling, my app crashes, delete, reinstall and then cancel the rest of my sell order. Went on to win gold star man.

    It goes with the territory. The more active and the more risks you take, generally the more you are rewarded but you can't win every bet.

  • MS sold 50 Ramos yesterday @£1.36. Paid £1.36 commission. Real Madrid have a game on the 30th so I waited until midnight and then made a bid @£1.35 for 50 shares. Matched in 5 hours. I have IPD refreshed these 50 shares for the cost of 86p.

    Real Madrid have 3 winnable games in the x10 IPD promotion window. These 50 shares will return £10 per goal and £5 per assist. A good gamble for the cost of 86p.

    I also refreshed my other 650 shares earlier in the week but due to the fixture schedule they only have 1 or 2 games eligible. In total this refresh of 700 shares cost me about £4.

    Market is buoyant and thriving.

  • Looking for some advice on how to take try and IPD refresh in the current market.

    Posted this on the ME buy thread which isn't the best place for it:


    Is it possible to place a simultaneous buy and sell order?

    I have 1,000 Willian shares that are not IPD eligible. I think he will get at least one goal or assist at 10p per share. Think his price will rise off of this event but also his price will fall at the end of the month.

  • @Martyn-B You can't have bids and sell orders in at the same time if you are selling all your players. If you have cash I would bid first to get them matched to qualify for IPDs.

    Then you can sell and doesn't matter if they take a bit longer - always a chance you could benefit from divs in the meantime.

    It's also not imperative during the 5 x IPDs that you cover all the commission. If you can great but don't forget it's 10p just for one goal or assist during the promo period.

  • @Sped Thanks, I am just playing around at the moment. Found out last night the IS price shown on the market isn't the max IS price you can get. Just found out the same is true for buy price, shown at £1.36 but could actually buy 30 at £1.34.

    I have just bought 30 at £1.34 and listed 30 at £1.37. Will keep repeating if matched. So much for not getting involved for a week!!

  • @Martyn-B I’d agree with Sped, if you have the money to buy his shares, then go for it. Presumably others will have a similar logic and realise Willian could easily get a goal/assist in arsenal’s 3 games in September so his sell price will increase. So it might not be worth selling those shares just yet as his price will likely continue to rise until saturday’s game

  • @Martyn-B Correct, good way of doing it. As @Black-Wolf keeps advocating, it's really important to check the depth and not just the stated price.

  • Took 4 hours but flipped 30 Willian. Bought at £1.34, sold at £1.37 and paid just under 3p commission. Trying again with another 30 bought at £1.38 and listed at £1.41. Also listed 300 at £1.48 (one year high is £1.44) if he does score and price goes mental tomorrow.

  • Thanks to the order book i have just recycled all my EPL, Ligue 1 and La Liga Keepers which cost me about £60 in total but if they can accumulate 5 clean sheets between them before the end of the month they would return me £100 in IPD’s alone. I refreshed 19 keepers in total that i hold across these 3 leagues so i say i stand a decent chance at making profit.

    I also ate up some of the offers while i did it so this raised prices too so win/win

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