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  • Hoping some will find this useful, but I collated a list of all teams that won positional/star man since 1st Jan 2020. Wanted to do it incase it showed that certain teams have slipped under the radar as they had spread their winners across the team

    Info here

    Obviously no surprises that the Europa and Champions League winners dominating. Make of the rest of the info what you will

    My surprises have been:
    If you want a defender from one of the big teams, steer clear of Dortmund and Real Madrid.
    Parma and Sampdoria have completely gone under my radar.
    Savanier and Mollet maybe aren't as great as I'd always thought.
    When Dortmund win positional, they usually win star player too.
    The Numbers app on MacBook is nowhere near as good as Excel (new laptop and didn't realise how limited it is)

    Loads of caveats to this:
    Not the full season but from 1st Jan only
    A bit of a weird year with Ligue 1 having less games, no crowds etc
    I haven't listed what are bronze, silver or gold days. If someone wants to go through it and work it out, send it through and I'll upload the changes to it (I need a few hours away from a screen after staring at this for ages)

  • @Moukoko Thanks for sharing. Interesting summary but afraid the link was gibberish, maybe just not compatible with my phone?


  • Thanks for the heads up - jeez Numbers is really crap. Give this a try and should work

  • @Moukoko Thanks that worked, "totals" is what interested me the most. Very happy to see RBL and Atalanta well up the leaderboard and outperforming some of the heavyweights. Thanks again for sharing 👍

  • This is good analysis for me (thanks!)- yep, numbers is terrible, have this daily problem!

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