Di Maria

  • Di Maria has COVID. This illness is investment roulette!

  • Can be seen two ways - shit if you had him for the bonus IPD - but if you planned on holding him for the season, he has dropped back to 1.59 - time to top up.

  • Damn it!! He was my big IPD success, refreshed all 520 for zero cost. Haven't looked into it but doesn't this give him a chance of being back in 3 weeks?

  • @Martyn-B Probably why it hasn't dropped further, I expect his price to pick back up in a couple of weeks, like I say could be a good time to top up for even just one game in the bonus IPD - then he can be a good hold for the rest of the season anyway.

  • @howsthebacon

    I have held him for a while and planned to offload around January. In a "normal" season good PB holds tend to peak around November/December and then as the games run out their price starts to drop. Then a game of chicken, sell at a high or wait for the high reward knockout rounds of European competitions.

    Add to this aging and non-European in a Euro's year his price is going to be a rollercoaster. Big ups and downs, opportunities to jump on and off but probably one to be active with the trading rather than passive and riding the dips.

    Will hold for now, if a big dip will try and buy more and sell later on a high.

  • @Martyn-B it just so happens I hold Icardi and Sarabia and Di Maria's absence might actually help me shift those two (guessing one will step in, most likely Sarabia based on the Champions League games although could stick Icardi through the middle and Mbappe and Neymar out wide) - so every cloud.

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