YuvalFPL's Mid Roller Fantasy Football Mini League

  • Hi everyone

    In addition to the mini league that @Matt-FI has been running for the past couple of seasons, I thought I'd run one this year at a cheaper buy in. If £100 is too much for a fantasy football buy in, this one at £50 should be a more friendly entry! By all means sign up to both if you fancy it! Link to Matt's post here: https://forums.footballindex.co.uk/topic/18428/fi-fantasy-premier-league-high-rollers-2020-21-season-3

    We currently have 10 entrants in the league. I am hoping we can get to approx 20-30 people. With only 2 weeks left to sign up, hopefully more people will sign up as I've had approx 50 people confirm their interest.

    Based on 50 people entering the league, these will be the payouts:

    1st: 50% (£1,250)
    2nd: 25% (£625)
    3rd: 15% (£375)

    Manager of 1st half of the season (gameweek 1-19): 5% (£125)
    Manager of 2nd half of the season (gameweek 20-38):5% (£125)

    The above payouts are based on 50 entries. The more participants, the greater likelihood of extra places paid (i.e 4th & 5th place etc).

    If you are interested, please:

    1. Create an account & team on https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ - if you haven't done so already (where have you been hiding!?)
    2. Use the following PayPal pool link to pay your buy in of £50: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8rLrFY2gKx - Please include your FPL name, email address and twitter handle (if you use twitter for FPL) in the paypal payment message.
    3. Once you have made the payment, I will contact you and reveal the private league code. You can enter these in the 'Leagues > Join Private League' on the FPL website.
    4. Please also post a reply in this forum thread so everyone knows who is playing.

    I have shared this league in the IndexGain Slack community, along with a few accounts on twitter. It's going to be a friendly league for people who want to gamble a bit and make FPL more interesting. Nothing too serious.


    Please reply or drop me a message if you have any queries.

  • @yulogy Hi mate, paid, thanks for organising

  • 5 days left to register folks!

  • 18 people are in so far! Bubbling along nicely... still time to join in.

  • Cheers for organising. I wasn't quite brave enough to enter the high rollers, but £50 seems good, so just transferred the money. Looking forward to an enjoyable season!

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