Neymar return to France.

  • Neymar returning to France this week thats what Vinicius Júnior facebook pages says!
    with the world cup around the corner can this injury affect the way he plays.... fitness level ect.... i can expect his price to shoot up to near 15 pounds. whats everyone thoughts?

  • @NewUser113421 £15 is wishful thinking. Rising more than £3 with no sign of increasing PB payouts, and unlikely to win MB during the WC.
    Unless there's significant transfer rumours I can't see him fighting off whoever United would be trying to sign for the rest of the summer.

    And this comes from someone with a decent % of portfolio in him.

  • He’s due for a scan middle of May, and rumours are that he’s making a good recovery - pictures of him walking/riding a bike.
    I expect he’ll steadily rise over the next few weeks, and if he’s confirmed fit for the World Cup his price will start to shoot up. He’ll def be getting a fair amount of MB if his scan is positive and lead up to the WC

    £15 is probably a bit ambitious though.
    Maybe another £1-1.25 by WC if being positive

  • He’ll probably be at £12 next week, any price crease will depend on media pull just before and when he starts kicking a ball again, he is the star of the WC so if he starts picking up MB wins he will continue to rise however don’t see him going near the £15 mark, more like £13?

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