• Just picked him up at 1.84. Only 9 goals last season but seems to be finding his feet at the top level and from what I saw he looks like he is reaching the potential that Dortmund maybe expected a bit too soon from him - 'the next Zlatan' hype probably didn't help.

    Young, regular starter with a team who will hopefully repeat last season success and he also has the Euros at the end of the season - guessing he'll be involved in some way.

    Anyone considered him and not gone for him for any reason? The signing of Silva will only help the front line too.

    EDIT: Just spotted he has gone up slightly today as it happens so perhaps people are picking him up as La Liga draws closer.

  • Spoke about him on the latest 'Round Table' Podcast:

  • Isak had one start at Dortmund and 4 subs at 17/18 forget that.

    The fact is he has shown quality at sociadad . 9 goals in only 14 starts in la Liga
    7g in 7 g in copa del rey.
    Huge prospect.
    IMO he is a class act.

  • @Trading-Bear will give it a listen mate.

  • @Tom77 seemed weird that Dortmund didn't stick with him but perhaps it was his own ambition that led to the move away rather than Dortmund expecting too much too soon.

    Dortmund rarely get it wrong with their young signings.

  • He's tall, Swedish, 20 years old and can do this. #Zlatanmark2

    On a more practical note I expect him to share game time with William Jose but with the Europa League I think it could be a break out season for him.

  • @DW yeah I'm looking for players who may break out this year, 9 goals isn't bad for his age and in that team. It's when you watch the way in which he takes his goals that makes you wonder...just how good can he get. Two beauts against Real Madrid, if he can do it consistently - could be a good hold , future MB if he is to step up to an elite club again.

    I had a feeling this may be a break out year for Geubbels but gonna have to be patient as he is just getting the odd cameo appearances for Monaco. The money they paid for im though, I expect him to get the odd game here and there, if he takes his chance, his value could rocket.

  • Seem to remember Isak’s PB stats pretty poor and not generally not FI compatible. He’s also not getting game time. So all round not great at the moment. That may change if he hits some form...but will it make him a better FI player? Unlikely

  • @Valhalla fair points against, good to get a balanced view. Shows 37 appearances last season, mostly off the bench? I'll have to monitor, I hold a small amount and already for a small profit so will have to work out if he is a short term flip or long term player with PB/MB potential.

    If he was to break through this season, even if his PB wasn't great he could be linked with moves away.

  • Alexander Isak is a Forward who has appeared in 37 matches this season in La Liga, playing a total of 1497 minutes. Alexander Isak scores an average of 0.54 goals for every 90 minutes that he's on the pitch. This attacking performance currently places him at 8th out of 439 for La Liga Players who've played at least 3 matches.

    Not bad for your first season at 20.

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