24hr and 1 week profit fixed?

  • As title suggests, both of mine have been wrong since the second of April. My 24 hour profit was out by about +£880, one week similar but never took the time to calculate the error.

    Today both been reset to zero. Anyone else had this? Hopefully tomorrow it will be accurate again but not holding my breath 😜

  • @Martyn-B Mine was correct as far as I know, but daily and weekly got reset to zero this afternoon. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no joy.

  • @Jimbob Hopefully they have fixed everyone's at the same time, but going to have to wait +24 hours to find out for certain.

  • @Martyn-B
    My app says 0-0 for 24 hr and 7 day, but it's OK on the web page. App updates are the usual culprits.

  • My seven day has not been positive as long as I can remember. My port has been rising steadily though last few months. Weird one that. 24 and all time seem ok.

    My overall used to seem ok but is definitely off now.

  • @Me-Benidorm-lad

    Thanks, hadn't thought to check the browser!! So my browser is still incorrect and my app still says zero, now the worst of both!!

    App might update in next hour or so, didn't record what time it was reset yesterday. Now thinking it is another error and not a fix, although hopefully might lead to a long term fix eventually.

  • Just had this happen to me today. My numbers have seemed off for about a week and then today I just have a big fat unmoving 0 for 24hr and 7 days.

    Such a shame as I know for a fact I'm about 3% up over 7 days and I'm not getting my dopamine hit from watching the pretty green numbers increase.

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