The EUROS 2020 or now 2021 ???

  • So being slightly new to FI (late May 2020) can anyone explain to me what sort of promotion FI do for big tournaments Euros/WC?

    I read a lot about people changing their port about 4/5 months before a big tournament.

    Anyone any advise?

  • I'd guess it will be gold day games for every game day and 5 media places for non game days, reckon they will do a boosted team of the tournament div pay out too to replace team of the month that month.

    Having players that are in pb lgs, in Europe and probably in the Euros just gives you lots if chances at pb wins and maybe mb as its being tweaked towards performances.

  • I'm building my port now for the Euros. Thought I'd get more bargains to be honest but hey ho!

  • @Westy cheers for the info.

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