Difficult to sell.

  • Is it just me or is it a lot more difficult to sell now? If not what's the secret.

    Fir example I'm about 40 pence per share up on rashford. What would sellin profit? Thanks

  • I've only been here a month but if you're trying to sell in the sell queue it's going to be a long wait unless the player is in demand. I find just waiting for the right time through IS is the best route. I'd hold Rashford as he'll go up as the Prem start approaches, you'll be able to get close to the buy price in the coming weeks I'd imagine, especially if he does well in the Nations League.

  • @NewUser204062 will depend massively on the player and whether you're prepared to wait (market sell) or if you want a quick sale. Plenty of players selling quickly to market (you can see them going through the ticker, although the risers list is a pretty good indicator too) but Rashford I suspect will be slower, as he's not really flavour of the month at present.

    You should check out the market sales thread too, as that will give you an indicator as to which players are selling to market and how long it's taking.

    Otherwise, if you want to instant sell, you might find there are some bids above the average displayed, which you can find out by clicking the sell price.

  • @NewUser204062 if you look at the instant sell price it's an indicator of how likely you are going tk be able to sell to market.Rashford is currently over a quid cheaper on knstant sell, in other words very jnlikely anyone will pay market price right now.

    As others have said if he starts playing well, even has one decent game or carries on with this kids meals thing he will improve a lot again but if anything right now is a good time to BUY Rashford as you could get £1 discount per share.

  • As just a very occasional investor here, I'm also shocked to see the spreads between the buy & sell on most players (I come from a background of trading stocks and shares).. I appreciate FI widened the spreads on lockdown to prevent a mass exodus, but from what I can see now, they don't seem to have improved...? So is this the new norm? And if so, presumably the only way to sell is to place an order and hope one day it hits your price? Any pointers appreciated.

  • @NewUser380895 the spreads are now based on the highest buy price another user is willing to offer so nothing to do with FI as far as I understand.

    There currently isn the ability to determine how much you are happy to sell for (although this is due to be added soon) other than instant sell to another user at the highest price they are happy to pay or add the market sell queue to sell at but price minus commission.

    Hope this helps.

  • @NewUser204062 not at all difficult to sell, just click on the player and sell, pay your 2%, or you can add to market queue and hope he gets popular and people rush to buy him!

    I imagine you're asking is it more difficult to sell at a profit now, the answer is kind of, FI won't buy back anymore so you need to make sure you're buying at the lowest price (by bidding) you can to start with.

    Players will now only go up in value when there is a reason for them to do so, like the next time Rashford scores for Man U his price will go up etc, and remember at the moment a lot of people are buying other players who have games before Rashford to maximise the IPD promotion!

  • The truth is... a players real current value is closer to the Sell Price than the Buy Price. The matching engine changed that, as before that we could sell at the Buy price without too much trouble for most players.

    Maybe when the commission for the ME comes in, it should close the gap, but most will be bidding at or near the sell price now.

  • @NewUser380895 Hello bud, yes this is the new norm. I first joined FI in April 2019 with a £ 2,000 investment by march 2020 I had doubled it to £ 4,000. As I realized the affect that covid would have on football I withdrew my investment. Pre covid making money on FI was a doddle. You could buy pretty much any young player with a bit of promise pretty much risk free because of the low spread prices. A run of goals or good form/bit of transfer speculation and players could easily double/triple, if they weren't working out you could just could just IS at a couple of pence less than you paid and it would cost only you a couple of quid to get out of that player. Basically you were able to have virtualy risk free punts that could likely double/triple your money, and they did.
    Now any player you buy your risk is MUCH greater, because unless the player is in high demand, the spreads on them will be crazily big 40/50% or more so speculative holds are less easy to commit to.
    I have scince reinvested in the index, but it isn't the jolly up it used to be so take care with your buys. Good luck.

  • @NewUser311263 Thanks for the feedback...appreciate it.

  • Thanks for all the comments. Appreciated.

    I just feel the profit looks good until ypu actually try and sell but it is what it is. Thanks again.

  • @NewUser311263 yes definitely. I've done well over the last few years but much more difficult to get rid of players at a respectable price unless they are in demand. Thanks for the comment

  • The thing to remember is, there was always a % loss on the old IS

    okay, some are larger, and there are some players still with no bid price (which on the whole should be sorted).

    But using Rashford as an example, as he was mentioned below,

    the bid price is 85% of the full market price. That's Very comparable to what it was pre ME.

    £1.08 may seem a big gap, but in reality, it isn't

  • @Munchie63

    The difference though is that for most players selling at the Market Price is now pretty unlikely. Before, if people wanted to buy a player they had to buy at Market Price, there wasn't an alternative, that meant that for most players you could put them in the sell queue and sooner or later you'd sell them.

    Now, for most players, people can buy at much lower than the market price, so you are very unlikely to sell though the sell queue.

    It's not so much that the spreads on IS have widened (although they have) but that for the vast majority of players IS is now the only realistic way of selling.

    Its not a problem for players bought after the changes as people are presumably buying them cheaper as well. But any players bought before the changes effectively dropped in value by the difference between their Market Value and their IS value.

  • @Maradonaman ask yourself why is anyone rushing to buy Rashford right now and when are people most likely to buy?

    Players with lots of shares in existence are always going to be harder to sell than those with less because there’s likely to be more supply to meet the demand. Unless you are prepared to wait it out premiums will always be quicker to sell by watching the spread and ISing at the right time

  • Sorry, slightly confused newbie here...

    I've put two of my players in the sell queue. Not really too bothered about how long they take to sell but this thread has confused me a little. So, how will my players sell? When I'm at the front of the sell queue and someone else bids on my players? What price? Or am I waiting for someone to buy at the max buy price?

  • @Two-Sheds you're waiting for somebody to pay market price, which can go up or down while you are in the queue. Shares sold from the queue go in the order in which they were added, so if you add your shares to an already long queue, it could be a while until they sell.

    Shares which are sold using instant sell effectively jump the queue, but you would get only the lower price and that will vary depending upon what bids are available.

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