deliberate market manipulation ... (advice for newbies)

  • Last week, I watched with a sceptical eye at the massive movements on kris ajer (Norwegian defender at Glasgow Celtic).

    Within 1 day, his price jumped (for no legitimate reason) from 60p to 90p. This was clearly an attempt by a person (or more likely, a small group) to inflate the players price. Over the next two days, his price rose to about 1.10. I believe this was as a result of 'the lemming/sheep' effect, with unwitting investors jumping on the bandwagon, thinking they are on the crest of a financial wave.

    Then all of a sudden, his price crashed, back down to about 60p. Clearly, this will be the initial group, now removing the profit that has been obtained between 90p -1.10p.

    I feel it is only fair to highlight this practice to new users of the platform, which I believe is unethical.

    Feel free to chip in with any alternative reasons to explain last weeks ajer activity.


  • I learnt my lesson about that on my second day on here ended up -£25 by gambling I won't do that again

  • I'm not saying the OP is wrong but I think Ajer transfer rumours were followed by he's going to stay and sign a new contract rumours so there may be a less sinister explanation

  • @Dave-C

    The most recent newspaper articles I could find for Ajer, were transfer rumours that he was wanted by Borrusia Dortmund. These were from the 1st and 2nd of April.

    If the rise was legitimate and based on these rumours, I suggest it would not take until the 22nd of April for the market to react, as his value graph shows.

    I'd be very interested to hear from any of those initial investors from the 22nd April, that caused the surge in his price ... But I doubt they will make themselves known on these forums.

  • @Dave-C

    Actually, I did find a story from the 'Scottish Sun' on the 22nd April, mentioning Ajer being a target of Arsenal. Maybe this is the cause of the increase, but I'm still a sceptic.

    Either way, it's worth highlighting the tactic to other users, as we all know it goes on and I don't want to see anyone getting ripped off!

  • @johnboywalker
    I wouldn’t call it being ripped off , the people who followed trends and buy into players on sharp rises always runs risk of getting burnt . Like so many topics on the forum advising new investors to becareful in buying into a sharp rise in unknown players based on a transfer rumours . Over the next few months , how many players will be linked with the big teams in Man City , Man Utd , chealsea Liverpool and arsenal . Now that the season nearly coming to end , markets seems very unstable . Buying into players based on a rumour , if your the lucky ones to able to buy at min bottom price then you would be fine . At the moment the market seems to be people flipping for quick profit . Hope the may 5th Birmingham meets will see increase in cash being pumped in .

  • Where I agree this does happen (I believe this happened as recently as a day or two ago) I don't think it was the case with Ajer. He was linked to Dortmund as we know. But I remember seeing arsenal stories around the time he went up. And I think Tottenham (not 100% sure on that team tho) so there was definitely Prem links. And then when it crashed it was on the same day he came out and said he was staying at Celtic and signing a new contract. So I like the idea of highlighting the newbies to this but I don't think Ajer is an example of this.

  • Happened with Pjaca yesterday.

  • @Comrade haha... That's exactly the one I was thinking of from a day or two ago. No reason he should go up at all and went down again all within half an hour I'm sure.

  • @johnboywalker I remember the exact same happening with Andrea Belotti last summer but to a bigger scale his price would rocket up for no reason, then plummet back down, the happened a few times over the course of the season, i couldn't find any news on it, i had just joined then so i panic sold, i think now were entering the transfer season again, where everything is so volatile we will see this happen a more where large groups of people profile wealth, can manipulate the marketer a player to crash or rise then buy back in cheaper. My advise on this would be never panic sell, stick his name into google, and if no news stories come up, you know its BS. Also what i have learned with transfer season, you get so many stories that go full circle with in even a few days, or even same day, one source says there leaving and practically signed for one club, next day another source says x,y and z are favourites, Bernard a 5 ish days ago was a very good example on this, this is why i always say how important doing your own research is. Even when certain people on twitter or any of the social media outlets, big up a player, ALWAYS do your own research first to see if there is a number of articles on said player, that way you know is a fairly safe ish shout, and you already have read up on said player, so are confidant in yourself when ever these crashes happen you know theres no reason to panic sell.

  • To be fair to those new to investing in general, it happens in the normal stock market. Hence I would also reiterate, ALWAYS do your own research.

  • @NewUser109527

    The difference being, the practice of deliberate price manipulation is illegal on the stock market, which is governed and regulated.

    The football index is massively open to manipulation, and the people that will be negatively effected by this will be the new users.

    But yes, I agree, research research research before parting with your hard earned cash on the next big thing from Estonia, who has been ripping it up in the Danish diddy league.

  • Wolf of ball street

  • Always do your research before buying players, if others are buying and players are “trending” it could be a good opportunity as they are trending for a reason or could be wiser to stay clear as their price is either been inflated or they reached their peak and profits will be taken
    There isn’t a one rule for all, just research and decide if you want in or stay clear of a determined player at a certain price

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