Morning all.....question about Part 2 of order books.

  • Am I right in saying they said they would have the 2nd part of the order books in place before the start of the Prem?

    Cheers all.

  • @Millerman Latest information, I believe, is that they are doing a further announcement in the fortnight following the div announcement. So sometime in the next 8 days.

    I think the sell side is giving them more headaches than they expected but let's see. Only ten days until the Prem now!

  • Yeah really need that in as I have no idea how much to take off my port to as its real value (I know nothing is in stone until you actually sell it, but before you know within 5% of what your value was).

    Im guessing my port value could be anything up to 30% lower than it actually is, but then could actually rocket when people actually start matching each others bids rather than everyone trying to save a penny.

    Its really needed before the momentum of the new divs dies down.

    Messigate is the only thing thats keeping thing ticking over!

  • @Millerman I had gone through my entire port before everything kicked off and I think the actual sell price was about 20% below what the indicated value was, but that's changed now with tighter spreads on many players, it's probably closer to 10%

    Whilst I'm not that bothered it would be nice to know what my port is actually worth, not just what new shares cost from FI, especially as we can't sell them back anymore!!

  • @Millerman Have been wrestling with this one myself and for now decided to ignore portfolio value/profit. The issue being that value will be optimised over time if you trade well - i.e. selling when a player is in demand will mean prices closer to market buy figure as spread tightens, the opposite being true where a player is out of favour. At any given point in time though your port will have a range of players being in and out of demand, so if you're not selling up at that point in time the value is almost irrelevant.

    The counter to this are those players who will remain as deadwood over the next three years (P Max now a prime example) where you could almost value them at the current IS price.

    Would be great if you could set portfolio value options by player in the new world, but imagine it will be a global option.

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