Serie A Fixtures

  • They're out. Looks good for AC Milan, Sassuolo and Udinese!

    T Hernandez

    Could all do well!

  • @chaps1988 I've had a go on Caputo. Cant argue with last seasons stats. Looked at him a month ago at 43p but didnt bother 🤦‍♂️

  • @chaps1988 Brahim Diaz having a medical with Milan imminently too. Have been holding him for ages but not convinced he gets a start? ....hopefully get proved wrong

  • Anyone know if inter and Atlanta are playing the first game week?

  • Napoli have two good fixture's, I'll be watching out for whatever GK gets the nod for the new season.

    Someone mentioned Milan and I've got Theo Hernandez and Rebic for those fixture's.

  • Italian teams only have 2 games during Septembers double IPD period ... can't say I'm that excited to be honest!? 🤷‍♂️

  • @JT4PAFC said in Serie A Fixtures:

    Anyone know if inter and Atlanta are playing the first game week?

    Match day 1 - 20/09/2020
    Benevento vrs Inter
    Lazio vrs Atalanta

    Match day 2 - 27/09/2020
    Torino vrs Atalanta
    Inter vrs Fiorentina

    Atalanta start with two away fixtures and only Hellas Verona have two home games.

  • @johnboywalker Oooops. Didn't make myself clear! Both inter and atalanta were thinking of appealing to see if they could delay their start date by a week. But I haven't heard the outcome or even if they did appeal?

    Thanks for the reply though!

  • Will look at that Hamed Traore. Down about 40-50p from peak price. Can’t see much of a reason why.

  • @DJ-110 I was on him last year. After COVID he didn't start often and when he did he was withdrawn either at half time or after about 60 minutes. Lost patience with him (I say him, but it was really their manager I was getting pissed off with!) so I jumped off.

  • @DJ-110 yeah he's a great player. Shares a good majority of set pieces and a good pb game when the team does well, but he was always the man being subbed (said above) i held him at 90 p when the bids were so low. So got out when the is went over a £1. I'm tempted to get back in for 100 shares as a long term hold though. But the 5 subs rules (if still applied) will kill him as manager likes to take him off on 60/65 mins

  • Tricky start for Atalanta, can’t decide on sportiello as keeper at 33p. Two shots at 10p still and a few games more before gollini is expected back?

  • @JT4PAFC That's the issue with young players and the 5 sub rule, the more senior ones are likelier to get the 90 minutes. Hoping that he does gets longer on the pitch this season, but i may hold for the month initially to see if he can get some IPD's then review after that.

  • Any hang ups with D'Ambrosio at Inter. I hold him and De Vrij. Both look good for the odd goal and Inter had the meanest defensive record.

    D'Amrosio is 31 to be fair and maybe not guaranteed to start but De Vrij is still young for a CB and has the Euros right?

  • Feel like I've missed out a little, but think there will be a bit of an opening this weekend/early next week with any late comers getting ready for the EPL/La Liga/Bundersliga to start and cash some out money quick with a slight case of FOMO potentially developing.

  • Simone Scuffet - 29p (I bought 10)

    According to WhoScored, his weaknesses include concentration, saving close range shots, saving long shots and catching crosses. He’s a bloody goalkeeper!

    Oh... and it looks like he may have gone back to Udinese to sit on the bench. Whoops!

  • @PaulM
    Not the best surname for an outfield player either 😂😂😂

  • @johnboywalker looks like matchday one fixtures are being delayed for inter, atalanta and spezia. They are scheduled to play the matches on the 30th September which is great as we don't miss out on the x5 ipds! I haven't actually read this anywhere official but that is what sofa score is telling me. Think I'm going to try and pick up more handanovic on the me

  • excited to see how Locatelli goes first few weeks of the season!

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