James Rodriguez

  • Any holders out there? 🤔

    He's not picking up the media due to having a hyphen in his name despite being on the verge of a move to Everton


    As you can see he's being outscored today by the mighty Shane Duffy - who has a much higher global appeal than James Rodriguez 😂

    I've emailed football index customer service on Twitter to correct this hyphen & I urge all fellow holders to do the same.

    We are being robbed of MB here, & ultimately money 💰

    So get that tweet sent people!

    Thanks 👍

  • Gon on then lol


  • Is this like the messi incident and you are wanting to offload him ??

  • @nicky540 said in James Rodriguez:

    Is this like the messi incident and you are wanting to offload him ??

    100% 😂

    If he follows the Messi trajectory he will double in price in the next 2 months then!

  • It does however look like the stories are counting, so maybe FI have their media shit sorted.....

  • Surely it's just more likely no one gives a toss about a bottom half of the table PL club...? :)

  • I held Rodriguez at 1.27 for over a year and he wasn't up to much, largely due to not playing at Real Madrid tbf. I sold yesterday for circa 1.58 average to get my money back and a small 15% profit because I felt it could work harder elsewhere.

    Don't think James is a bad hold in the EPL, especially as Everton don't have a standout midfield PB winner (whereas the have Digne and Richarlison in the other positions) and I imagine a lot of their attacking play will go through him.

  • @CptMorgan I bought him a few months back when it was clear he had no future at Madrid.

    I paid £1.68 a share & sat with him in the red (over 20p down) for a few months.

    It's clear Ancellotti likes him, he had him at Madrid, Bayern & now looks to have got his man again at Everton.

    As you say, it's likely he will have a big influence on the set pieces at Everton & should act as a big creative input on their side in general.

    I just don't know if he will be operating as a wide player in the 4 in midfield, whether Ancellotti will go to a 4-3-3 with Richarlison & Rodriguez either side of Calvert-Lewin or Kean or whether he operates a 4-2-3-1 formation & puts James in the No.10 role? 🤔


  • @Ericali All fair points. If it wasn't Ancelotti in charge at his new destination my reservations would be doubled. With a decent opening month, I can see him hitting circa £2.50 quite easily. If it becomes obvious he will be on set pieces maybe even more.

    As for his position, my guess is Ancelotti will look to revert to the 4-3-3 he deployed most frequently at Napoli. James as part of the front three with Richarlison and DCL, with Allan the deep lying midfield pivot and Gomes + another in front of him (that would be the logical fit Doucoure who is linked as well).

  • @CptMorgan yeh, I was happy paying £1.68 on the "old" dividend structure - that was before the 100% increase came in last week! 😲🤯

  • @Ericali Indeed, James has the potential to light games up. He's pure sauce at times. No doubt there's an initial rise in there for the profile of a PL. It's all about consistently hitting the good PB numbers for the rise to £3.00+ imo. Everton actually justifying the investment for a change and making Europe would also be help here!

    I may yet regret my exit decision at this early stage, he's certainly got real potential under the new divs structure. Good luck to holders.

    Tbqh Richarlison also stands out more now. He's got a mega transfer in him in my opinion and having quality around only improves his output.

  • @Ericali 20200902_134132.jpg predicted this move 6 months ago along with arias...av waited long enough I deserve some divs 😀

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