Humpday Fun : Guess the TOTM payment time / CS tweet....

  • For a bit of fun, what time do you expect either

    a) The payment time
    b) The tweet from CS saying 'somthing'

    And as a bonus will it be per player or just a credit?

    As designer of the game, I'm not allowed to play....but if I wasn't i'd go.

    CS Tweet at 16:55 (just before everyone fecks off home)
    Payment 10:00 (tomorrow after Twitter goes into meltdown)
    And it will go as credit.

    Around 10:15 someone will ask when will the payment go in.

    Around 10:16 that same person will say 'its showing as credit'

    Around 10:16 someone will destroy that person with something witty

    Around 10:17 all hell breaks out on the forum as people wanted against player name and not as bonus and how its fecked their s/sheets up.

  • a) around 9:30am tomorrow, same time as normal dividends and just showing as "bonus payment" in transaction history

    b) no communication at all until around friday afternoon when we get a random tweet explaining that everything happened exactly as intended and there was no problem

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