Market Sentiment is changing

  • After the recent down trend, it looks like the market sentiment is finally changing for the better...

    The irony is that the increases always feel like they are short lived, whereas the downturns last forever!

    I assume it is people getting in before the May 5th meet up and the much anticipated (re)investment from some of the bigger investors...

    If that is the case, and people are pre-empting it by investing now, then it's a win-win situation for everyone as the players will go up before the 5th, then further increases when the trader-meet investors buy in and get their 20% bonus!

    Hoping for a long positive run in to the triple MB post season end!

  • Totally agree, now is the time to buy to get a bargain, and you will all see some huge gains on the players that have had the biggest drop ie MB, but only thing i would like to point out on that is be sensible in who you invest in, as some players prices have maybe been proper up with later stages of Europe and WC

  • But then to give prospective nd play devils advocate , last season was the same, all the bigger players took a drop pre summer, as people invested into transfer players, so you could argue, beat/avoid the good bath of the wc get in early on highly likely transfer players and you will also invest at a bargain as they will spike big when WC cash gets re invested, but 2 VERY distant strategies with very different personal reasons for why we invest in the index, so to a point regardless of me driving my strategy or others driving theres, i think it makes little difference in changing peoples opinions to which side they lie, everyone has there own agenda and time they can give to the Index and how hand s on they want or can be, so regardless of whats said, most peoples strategies or how they want to play the index is already decided before reading most of these posts

  • @SMacFI - Good point about the strategies, and as we get more investors on the FI, there will be more differing strategies.

    Just wish I had some spare funds to put into the fringe MB players - Sane, KDB, Hazard etc. as they appear to be well priced right now.

  • @SMacFI I've always known summer would be painful for me as my skill set is in identifying pb players via analysis not following transfer rumours. I've accepted this and will hope it's not too painful 😂

  • @Noirx4 Thats fair, just have to wait it out, but on a plus side for you, you can pic up some cheap PB players when there out of fashion, i have my eye on a couple

  • @Noirx4
    I think I'm gonna have quite a quiet summer. I don't have a lot of finances right now so need to be careful with who I go in on. Personally I can't risk the volatility of the WC without having prior experience of this platform during a summer period and also haven't had enough time to prepare properly having only joined early March. I've got a few players who are certain to leave in the summer. Luckily a few are going to the WC anyway but thats not why I hold them. I've got a couple who could get triple MB but I think most of my summer will be watching the prices of players who you'd expect to have a good season next year but won't be used during the summer and therefore I'd expect to drop in value a bit. E,g Sancho - I think he'll start to shine at Dortmund and get a lot more game time & Depay - Will probs stay at Lyon but won't be at the WC so expect a price decrease too. About planning for the new season and hopefully make a bit of profit on the players I do already have too!

  • Market flying this morning. Prices rising everywhere.

  • Is it rising due to end of month and people getting paid . How much do everyone put in every month from wages ?

  • @FOF

    Pretty sure it's a result of payday, yeah. The graph Adam Cole shared of the recent performance of the FOOTIE showed clear spikes around the end of the month.

  • Combination of end of the month plus trader meet in early May - people who aren't going looking to buy before the deposits for bonuses get spent next weekend.

  • Build up to the triple MB could be a factor too. MB players rising

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