• Are people still envisaging significant rises in keeper prices once the goalkeeper dividends kick in? Or has the August div review killed it?

  • @DanM speaking as somebody who has now sold virtually all of my keepers, but fully intends put put virtually all my divs back into them for the foreseeable future, I would say that this is still probably the safest area of the market because I think I will not be the only one planning to do similarly, therefore I expect steady and very very consistent growth in this area of the market, with probably bouts of extreme liquidity at around 9.15am every day

  • Just like we've seen dividend risers for outfield player recently, we'll see that with GKs in the long run.

    Therefore, at this moment in time, they are significant value.

  • Goalkeepers are still great value. However there is now value all over the place. At a minimum they should continue to rise steadily with the rest of the market.

  • @DanM

    I currently have about 20% of my portfolio in goalkeepers.

    It is an emerging market and I intend to hold almost all of the keepers for at least 12 months, til I can get a realistic picture of the returns they produce.

    I don't expect keepers will 'fly' due to the improved dividends now on offer elsewhere, but i still believe it is a safe/sensible place to have money.

    Further down the line, once you get to the later stages of european competition, where the games are all 'gold' days, you could potentially have 8 players competing for the 3p PB divs in the quarter finals, 4 players for the semis and only 2 for the final itself. I like those odds.

    There are loads of benefits to keepers that have probably already been discussed on here.

    Full 90 mins, minimal squad rotation, less injuries, won't be effected by the '5 sub rule', less competition for PB ...

    My advice is as it has always been. Cast your net far and wide, spread risk across the platform and you will hardly ever be left in the shit, no matter how frequently they move the goalposts.

  • @DanM said in Goalkeepers:

    Are people still envisaging significant rises in keeper prices once the goalkeeper dividends kick in? Or has the August div review killed it?

    I think the decent PB payouts elsewhere may slow the capital appreciation in keepers, which is fine by me as I intend to hold significant amounts of keepers for the foreseeable. I sort of see them as a risk averse way of approaching the index. They're not flashy but they'll give steady returns, although even in the current dividend structure some will give excellent yields.

    Now they're finally part of the dividend picture, I also fully expect them to be part of any future dividend rises, and that's where they are absolutely fantastic at current value.

  • If I was to start again tomorrow with big funds I’d have an entire portfolio of keepers.

    Obviously most users want the excitement and thrills of goal scorers or finding the next prospect, but a portfolio of established goalkeepers (Playing in CL/Europa ideally) will net a minimum of 50% per annun in divs & CA - still the safest profit on the platform for me.

  • I almost have a keeper only portfolio and am happy to do so. Yes there have been rises for the rest of the market meaning potential payouts are higher elsewhere but they are also less attainable. I prefer the regular income
    of dividends to the hope of a big win once or twice per season. To buy the players that win more players than that means paying a premium which may or may not offer as high yields as keepers offer. Plus one big injury to your premium hold kills all chance of those PB wins.

  • @johnboywalker any particular keepers you would recommend, neuer maybe?

  • As an aside, I wonder if we'll see a situation where there's a single match on and neither keeper are on FI, so one of the sub keepers wins PB.

    Oooo the fun of keepers!

  • @Tiger2244 I'd suggest starting with keepers in the CL and Europa league, more games, more gold days and better chance at TOTM!

  • I have a mixed port of about 50/50 GK’s and others. I top up GK’s with dividend winners, but will probably stop at 60/40 split.

    There’s definitely value in GK’s; the rise of them will be slow but sustained. I’ll turn my attention to outfield players once the season begins - from what we’ve seen of the ME so far, the spreads widen when a player has a below par game. Good opportunity to pick up some bargains on more ‘proven’ PB players.

    Separate point, GK’s are still very cheap so whilst the payout per share is lower, you can hold more effectively equalling out the difference in positional payments.

  • @Highfields96 I’m the same now 50/50 in volume but not value.

    All divs are going into keepers until it’s 50/50 in value too.

    Spread the risk and nice constant div returns going forward

  • @Highfields96 some good points made! I'm also starting to put lower bids on for during games for certain GKs as people sometimes IS once a goal has been conceded.

    I do think it's a nice leveller for new users too as we've all basically started from the same position with goalies vs people who were on Sancho, Bruno, Mbappe for hardly anything!

  • @Sav2000 yep, my values are probably 30% at the minute in GK’s.

    I think it’s important to cover a few area’s of the market - don’t want to cut myself off from Defenders, Midfielders and Attackers but can see GK’s providing more frequent wins. Positional wins will be more of a bonus for me - TOTM a bonus bonus haha!

    Edit: I don’t actually think there’s a bad strategy atm. Value in every position with the new dividends - just don’t want to be too heavy in one area in case FI switch it all around

  • @Tiger2244 said in Goalkeepers:

    @johnboywalker any particular keepers you would recommend, neuer maybe?

    I've went for a varied bunch, but with the same principles underpinning each purchase.

    Top team, regular clean sheets, likely to go far in european competition and contributes to the build up phase of play (lots of simple passes).

    Clean sheet - 40pts
    Team win - 18 pts
    Decent average passes - 30pts

    On a bronze/silver day, I reckon any score over 100 will put you in contention for winning GK pb.

    So guys like Ter Stegen, Ederson and Neuer are a good start.

    I also hold Oblak, Courtois and quite a few others as I think they will come into their own when European Knockout football kicks off again this coming season.

  • @FootballArgos thanks and yes, I agree. I always have a few low bids in as just never know what might happen with the new system.

    Agree with the leveller point too. I started properly again around April - GK’s are a good option to hold and be the ‘first’. Sometimes I wish it was me holding Sancho ag 73p or something daft but realise you got to move with the times and there’ll be other options down the line to make money like that

  • @MickTurbo I've been loading up on keepers with my div wins. I guess as divs trickle in it's more tempting for people to buy a 50p-£1 goalkeeper than a £5-10 premium outfield player.

  • @johnboywalker I'm currently at 65% keepers. I think I'll be looking to trim that before Sept 12th to regain a bit of balance to my port, especially with all the opportunities presented by this div review. I'm holding 35 keepers, which is far too many, imo. I think I'm going to concentrate on building up significant holds in 5 or 6 and keeping them for the full 3 years.

  • @Yellow I think the doubling of the IPD's will help growth as well, especially in the early days. Even after the 5x IPD's ends a 2p clean sheet on a sub-£1 keeper is a nice little return.

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