Birmingham Meeting 5th of May

  • I will be going to the meeting on the 5th of May after watching Coventry @ the Ricoh Arena but I wondered how fan's will get there on time if your team are playing that day? It seems strange to me that it's on a day when a lot of games are being played. I wonder how far people will be travelling to the meeting? Also do we roughly know how many people are going and will there be any special offers on the day?

  • @NewUser139880 I've not been to one of these trader meet ups but i think the standard 'offer' is a 20% bonus on a deposit...i think? Hopefully the market will shoot up soon after the 5th as a result of this....maybe?!?!

  • There will be a 20% deposit offer for those attending, shall expect approximately 80-100 people?

  • I’m travelling from West Sussex but managing to kill 2 birds with one stone, going to see my beloved palace away at Stoke (early kick off helps me out for once) then trader meet on the way home as practically have to pass Birmingham on way home.

  • I am attending the event in Birmingham .
    I would like to know how the 20% deposit works ?
    -when do u deposit on the day or few days after
    -do you get the 20% instantly

    • what’s the maximum the deposit
    • I have two new mates coming to the event with me which wants to join but will they able to get the 20% deposit bonus .

    Anybody able to help with my questions ?

  • @FOF ok so this isn't gospel because they haven't confirmed but here is how previous events worked.

    Everyone who attends is eligible for 20% deposit bonus
    If your friends join after the event you may get a £350 referal bonus
    You deposit on the day (this event it's unclear if from 12pm or 8pm is when it counts) or up to 3 days after
    You then email them at the end of the bonus window (probs next friday) saying I'd like my 20% it's debited within 48 hours.

  • The great Dion Dublin will be the special guest tomorrow and it will be live visible also on Faceboook.

  • Will Facebook attendance count for the 20% bonus...

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