Liverppol and Asthma !

  • Not really relevant to FI as such this, but a curious little football article on the reigning champions.

    "With so many sickly players in the Liverpool ranks, where of 35 players 22 are asthmatic – 63% of the squad, over five times higher than the 12% UK average."

    Now, people can draw their own conclusions from this article, but it is interesting because certain ashtma medications (Salbutamol, albuterol and formoterol) have particularly positive effects upon performance levels for elite athletes (Oxygen flows and better breathing basically) and masks other things (Like other similar chemical performance enhancers). Bradley Wiggins suddenly developed asthma a few years back for example and needed his medication regularly on the tour de france.

  • @Leighton Dirty cheating bastards.

  • @Leighton

    All very interesting if accurate.

    Reminds me very much of when every second Russian athlete appeared to require Meldonium, a medication used to treat coronary artery disease, that coincidentally also increased blood flow and aided sporting performance and endurance.

    At the Baku 2015 European Games, 13 medallists or competition winners were taking meldonium at the time of the games.

    Meldonium use was detected in athletes competing in 15 of the 21 sports during the Games.

    This type of shit is rife in professional sport.

    Sad, but true.


  • @Leighton how many of the Liverpool squad are from the uk? 10-20% I’d guess, do ya have same stats for all other prem teams?

  • i will remind you of this if liverpool win the title this season

    6 shots of coffee a day are proven to be good for the heart

    id like to see whos asthmatic at this level, 22 sounds like bullshit, i doubt 1 is asthmatic

    i do believe ronaldo is on something illegal as well as a few others and dont forget rio ferdinand and his fan club when the man went missing during his testing

  • Obviously, something underhand going on in Liverpool's HQ 🀷

    Tainted title? πŸ€”

  • @Ericali keep grasping at those straws

  • @Ddr @Leighton is just pointing out a few statistics 😐

    22 of the 35 first team players have asthma - doesn't that sound just a tincy-wincy bit suspicious? 🀷

    The inhalers help open up your lungs, allowing you to perform at a higher intensity for longer.

    Liverpool play a high energy/pressing game?

    Still, are there any alarm bells ringing?

    No? πŸ™ˆ

  • @Ericali your anti liverpool bias has never been you think that lfc are the only club that do things like this? Extremely unlikely

  • @Ddr said in Liverppol and Asthma !:

    @Ericali your anti liverpool bias has never been you think that lfc are the only club that do things like this? Extremely unlikely

    Do things like what exactly? πŸ€”

    That an admission of guilt.

  • @Ddr i think the point is that its such an obvious lie. I have mild asthma and it had a huge affect on me playing Ice Hockey. No matter how hard i trained i could only manage shifts half as long as my team mates. Theres very little chance theres this many athletes in one team performing at such a high level. If it was one or two guys maybe it’s believable but that many suggests foul play

  • @Black-Wolf here, here! πŸ‘

    We all know what's gone on - some are just that blind to the truth they'd rather bury their head in the sand.

    We know....... WE KNOW! 🀬

  • Its historically been very rare for an asthma sufferer to make it as a top level sportsman. Paul Scholes was one. Off the top of my head I cant think of another EPL player who was asthmatic, and now theres this many at one club at one time. It seems very suspicious, and must warrant an investigation, given that essentially, this could be a form of doping. I'm not a Utd fan. Not even a fan of a premier league team. It really doesnt matter to me who wins the title, but this seems suspicious

  • Dirty cheating scouse.... (beep!!) 🀬

  • Next we need to uncover who these poor asthmatic sportsmen are? 😐

    Discover if they held important sway over the destination of the title being key figures.

    • The highly energetic TAA maybe for example with his 20 assists & his duracell bunny energy? πŸ€”

    • The player of the year & captain (Henderson) covering every blade of grass for 60+ games? πŸ€”

    • The goals of Mane or Salah with their lung-busting late winners? πŸ€”

  • Here we go lads, a bit of science behind the possible cheating, I mean blatant doping.....


    Inhalers contain salbutamol where there are limits to how much a footballer can have. Footballers are regularly tested, so how are they getting away with it if it's true?

  • Just imagine how much further ahead they'd have finished if alongside taking asthma medication they'd also been awarded 30 penalties ;)

  • Also, if all these Liverpool players had asthma what was they doing playing football matches in the middle of a pandemic when they should have been shielding!

  • EID Asthma is common among elite level sportsmen and is actually a result of their training. It's not the same as the type of asthma people are born with. However studies have also shown that there is pretty high level of over diagnosis.

    Studies have also shown that salbutamol doesn't have an impact in the endurance of non asthmatic elite level athletes. It doesn't do any harm but doesn't help either. So if you're not sure whether an athlete has EID or not you might as well prescribe it to them.

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