FI looking unprofessional?

  • Not been on the app for very long but have noticed some things on the app that don't reflect well on the company.

    1. Retired players still on the index - why?
    2. Prospectus tab - most players don't have anything there or if they do its 2/3 years out of date. E.g Pulisic's still says he's 18 and at Dortmund?

    Surely these are easy things they can sort out?

    Anyone else have things that bugs them 🤣🤣

  • I'd say unless they have the staff to keep things up to date for every player then remove the features!

    I've noticed the iPhone app and Android app appear to have different information (the iphone app has opta details in the analysis section I think)

    If you're going to have different apps and PC versions at least make sure the info is the same on all of them and across the board (as we have seen with nations league eligibility)

    Have a proper news section instead of hoping everyone has twitter!

    As much as I love the IT crowd, I don't want to imagine that's what it's like at FI!! :)

  • Change Neymar’s ‘pink hair’ picture and watch him shoot up another £1. No one wants an ultra feminist in their portfolio 🤣

  • The prospectus tab seems like a bit of a relic. It's always been useless but I imagine it's extremely low priority to actually do anything with it. It will probably be removed next time the app gets a visual update.

  • They used the prospectus tab more when the index only comprised of the Top 200 players and MB was the only dividend.

    Much easier to keep things up to date then, but now with circa 3,000 players it must be near impossible.

    They should just delete it.

  • I take it this is the iPhone app? It's different to the Android app, why!?


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