Happy Friday

  • Afternoon all,

    Happy Friday.

    I hope you are all well and slowly grinding a few % of profit whilst we wait for the 2nd part of the order books.

    Messigate seems to have saved the platform from getting over-run with negativity again - I must say - I think its getting flat again whilst we wait for football to return and enjoy the new 'div' payments......or is that just me?

    Not really got much going on this week, just the normal grinding out half and full %'s. All time profit was sat at 52.63% Tue, 53.94% Wed, 53.98% Thur and 54.56% this morning - all down to selling at IS prices and buying back in low on ME.....not massive amounts of profit, but profit.

    Have a cracking weekend, and if you do one thing for me this weekend its this.......do that be-tend crack an egg on someones head.....you know where you put all your fingers on top of the head then hit your hand with your other hand and then go, ooooooooooo runny yolk...you know what I mean!!!!!!

    I have been doing it to the girlfriends dog that goes back to her husband tonight after being with us since November (his house got flooded and we have looked after him)....this is him - he's a dick head, but wags his tail when I do the be-tend egg trick on him...so i love him.


    And remember

    'life gives out the shitty stick at times, its not so you can blame it when times get tough. It's about being broken down so you can re-build and be better than before'

    'every shit stick we have in our collection is a reason why we are better than we were before - keep collecting those shit sticks, because even a collection of shit sticks is better than no collection of shit sticks'

    Millerman 2020

    Have a good un x

  • 'even a collection of shit sticks is better than no collection of shit sticks'

    Never has a comment reflected my port so accurately! Take it easy fella :)

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  • It is a bit flat at the moment although I sold a load of Pavards to renew for IPDs the other day but he’s flown up just after I sold before I had chance to rebut! πŸ™ˆ

  • I think the index has been loads of fun this week. Messi, Reguillon, Van de Beek... plus random jumps on squad players like Pavard, Kang-in - and Szboszlai getting love for his outstanding goal last night.

    Couldn’t have hoped for more from a few matchday-dry days before the IPD carnage commences next weekend.

  • Bit late as I was on the lash last night but had a very happy friday going over the 20k milestone!😊
    Thank you FI and to the forum, onwards and upwards!!!πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€


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