Edouard Mendy - No Instant Sell/bid orders

  • I own a few of this keeper.
    Currently linked with Chelsea, but even without that, underpriced and in a PB league.
    Just checking through current spreads in my portfolio and it is showing no bids.
    Very strange!

  • @Dronny-Gaz I guess that’s due to the enhanced IPD period and the fact he isn’t playing. Still an opportunity though.

  • @Dronny-Gaz I just went to check and 300 bids in now and IS is 69p and top bid 70p. I was too slow!

  • Even if he doesn't go to Chelsea, he is a top goalie ,12 clean sheets last season

  • Damn right. No way I was selling. Just like to keep an eye on spreads.
    Any GK in a PB team should be around the £1 mark in my opinion.
    Don't be put off by the rises already.
    Got on Mandanda at 26p. Look at his graph and you'd think stay well away, he's already gone up 100%.
    He's still only about 52p.
    Champions League, 2nd top team in Ligue 1, captain and legend apparently.
    Knocking on slightly, but these keepers go forever nowadays.

  • @Richio
    You'd still imagine there would be cheeky bids in though.
    I hope people aren't using ME with him. Get his price pushed up. 👍

  • what if he does move to Chelsea and then sits on the bench?

    I owned and sold at 100% profit but would buy again only if he stays.

  • @Dronny-Gaz same scenario with Handanovic. I originally said i wasnt buying any over 33 but in reality as long as they are playing regularly then age really isnt a big factor while they are so cheap. People were paying more for Banega than a lot of keepers cost and he only had one PB game left before he left the PB leagues.

    I still think a lot of people are sleeping on the keeper category and dont realise the reliable returns they offer compared to the lottery of the other PB categories

  • @trig
    I think the fact that they're moving for him in the first place would suggest that Kepa hasn't really impressed.
    Would definitely be coming to challenge not bench warm.

  • While I'd agree that any decent goalkeeper playing regularly in a good PB side should be £1+, people do need to bear in mind age when buying.

    For example a 27 year old keeper, who can deliver PB dividends for 3 years and then can be sold to another trader with the prospect of another 3 years of dividends must surely be worth more than a 35 year old keeper who will have very limited (if any) re-sale value after 3 years.

    Yes, some keepers can play on to 38 or 40, but many don't achieve that at a decent standard.

  • @Black-Wolf
    Exactly this.
    They've had nothing for years. Now their own category, TOTM and will no doubt go up with other positions when there are increases.
    Yet you can still pick decent keepers up for under 50p. 👍
    Wait while traders see those first payouts in relation to cost value.

  • @ocs123 agreed but at this period of recent inclusion into FI dividends age isnt as big a worry if you know they will play in PB league as first choice for the next year.

  • @Dronny-Gaz thats what I'm getting at "coming to challenge" does not guarantee starting.............

    Kepa is no doubt a good keeper or wouldnt at times be Spain's number one and cost what he did.

  • Ospina/Meret situation is another like this potential Kepa/Mendy one. In that case i think Ospina is stupid cheap. Two keepers that are both far to good to sit on the bench all season. Biggest problem is that if they continue to rotate them it could limit TOTM chances

  • @Black-Wolf
    The reserve keeper at PSG is an interesting one.
    On loan at Real Madrid last season I think and lined up to replace Mendy so I've read.

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