• Why has Memphis declined so much because he has been linked to Barca?

  • @JDoubleU I discussed this in the ME thread mate. Seems to the Barca and PSG links, people thinking he will struggle for PB in those teams. There are a few stories saying he is staying so his price stabilised at around 4.25/3. Was enough to put the shitters up me though.

  • @JDoubleU said in Depay:

    Why has Memphis declined so much because he has been linked to Barca?

    He is a one man show at Lyon. Takes every set piece going and is a PB machine in a comparatively easier league than La Liga.

    If he goes to Barca and plays with Messi he will be overshadowed in almost every aspect. No pens, no free kicks, no corners ...

    Memphis at Lyon should be a £7+ player.

    Memphis alongside Messi could easily knock £1+ off his current value.

  • you recon its worth selling up and taking an L? Or just hold and see

  • @JDoubleU I would hold for now, I sold at 4.36 but only cos I got him at 4.05 or something and anticipated it might keep dropping. I intended on buying back but it's staying at around 4.31 now so gonna give it a few days.

    I sort of regret letting him go because if the rumours go away, he'll probably rise back to where he was - depends what did you get him for originally?

  • @JDoubleU said in Depay:

    you recon its worth selling up and taking an L? Or just hold and see

    I've got bids in for Depay at around the £4 mark.

    I don't think he will end up at Barca and todays story is just a convenient article to spit out on the day of an international match for the Nederlands, given the obvious Depay/Koeman/Barca connection.

    I would expect Depay to see out the remaining year of his contract with Lyon and thereafter move to a big club, for big bucks.

  • Surely the Messi news today is a strong indicator that Memphis will be free to hose up the PB at Lyon taking virtually every set piece and playing against farmers

  • I can’t see Depay going to Barca, surely they’ll be looking for a younger talent or utilising one of their myriad talents. Even if he goes, he may take a PB hit but I expect he’ll improve on MB as the UK press will enjoy talking about the failed Man Utd signing setting the world alight. Plus he’ll be getting more European football. I’ll hold, mainly because I think he’s undervalued now, so not much downside even if he did move.

  • @JDoubleU Not unless you've spotted a really good opportunity elsewhere! He's been v good for the national team lately as far as I've heard, and Euros/WC coming where he could shine.

  • This is why I like looking at the forum good points made...
    I've been tempted to sell depay all week because of links away but diddnt because he's such a great hold at Lyon but even if he does move he does have pb potential still and deffo does with Holland

  • I hold a fair chunk of Depay. Like @johnboywalker says, his value is really being the main man at his club. If he joins Barca and Messi stays, then I do not see Depay being worth any more than Griezmann.

    Once Messi leaves Depay should regain his value to current levels assuming he becomes their main man, but this is certainly no guarantee as there will be plenty of other candidates to assume free kicks and pens..

    As depressing as it is as a holder, if he joins Barca and Messi stays then (like Greizmann) he may end up as an expensive IPD player for a year. There is a possibility that Koeman will be a hardass (which he is) and reduce Messi's role in the team as they know he is leaving, so Depay joining is not a complete write off until we know what his role will be and what Messi role will be. A few ifs and buts in the mix before I'd consider selling at a loss

  • @Baydog I've seen all the talk, but arent Barca skint? Can they really afford to keep messi AND shell out millions for Depay AND pay his wages which are gonna probably be upwards of 150k p/w?

  • @MickTurbo

    I was doubting it myself, but Depay does only have 1 year left on his deal so the transfer fee won't be huge I doubt.. My hope is they reach an agreement and take him on a free next summer when Messi will also leave on a free - but then Lyon won't be too pleased I guess

  • @Baydog itll be a shame if he goes like. Hes perfectly positioned as a PB hold. Could only be better if he had EL. Fingers crossed he sees out his contract

  • @MickTurbo

    It could end up being a hell of a move for him, but how that translates on FI is hard to say. Greizmann has been a massive disappointment. It is not like he has been banging in the goals and is narrowly missing out to Messi and sometimes winning the odd PB. He has pretty much done nothing.

    With Suarez leaving Depay would be playing straight down the middle I'd guess. He has way more to his PB game than Suarez so I'd expect his PB base to be higher. If he is hitting 20-30 goals a season and we know Messi is leaving, then he could end up being a PB beast at Barca and a £10 player in 12-18 months time if on pens and set pieces...

    We could see a situation like Haaland. When he moved to Dortmund his price dropped to £4. Within about a month is was back to £7-£8 once everyone saw he was going to get a lot of goals. Hard one to predict as there are a fair few variables in the mix

  • Few reports saying a Barca deal in imminent for €25-40m yes that’s euros so not a massive amount of outlay. Also saying he’ll play wide left with Griezmann through the middle.
    Quite the conundrum this, buy more or not to buy more is the question????

  • @Baydog I could well imagine him putting up good numbers still at Barca, but would almost always be beat by Messi. Could be a long and frustrating hold if he does go. And I suppose somebody will be coming in to replace Suarez, but I just hope it's not Depay.

    At this point there reports which make it seem very likely it will be him but as weve seen during the week, 'done deals' sometimes are anything but. If he does go to Barca I'll continue to hold, but I'll be disappointed.

    When do the transfer windows in spain and France close?

  • @Gregolocky

    25M euros is a ridiculous price, so cheap in fact that man utd might even be tempted to by him back just for the hell of it for a bit of strength and depth , given that we have first refusal as part of the deal that took him to Lyon in the first place.

    wouldn't that be a turn up for the books lol

  • @Baydog I am currently adding/topping up on Greizmann at a current average of £1.89, I expect him to play centrally now that Suarez has left . He won top fwd 3 times last season, so I can only hope this will improve next season. Also he has the Euros.

    I currently hold 400 Depay, I am holding for now - I can't justify taking a hit to sell him on the chance he moves or his PB won't be good for a year and won't recover after Messi leaves. Also has the Euros, so I am sure there will be a time his price recovers in 3 years.

  • @MickTurbo

    The window in France is open until October...

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