big portfolio holders with 100 players plus!

  • ive gone for a diverse port i can easily top up ( almost ashamed to say i have around 200 players)
    good reasons for buying all ( at least i think).
    With the market going through big changes my top ten players for profit have been changing a fair amount too. Cherki has forced his way in big time ( not that many shares unfortunately). i thought it would be fun to post my current top 10 players for cap app. feel free to comment or post yours:

    1. trent alexander arnold ( one of my first buys.mistake bought on a peak and was bottom of the pile for a long time)
      2,Phil Foden
      3.Ryan Cherki
      4.Bruno Fernandes
      5 kylian Mbappe
    2. joshua Kimmich
      7.Mason Greenwood
      8.Marcus Rashford
      9.Hakan Calhanoglu
      10 eduardo Camavinga

  • @jonathan-rolfe
    sorry for the numbers problem. i cant seem to edit

  • @jonathan-rolfe

    1 to 10 in CA (top to bottom).

  • Cap app used to be a measure of how early you spotted a player, or how committed you have been to that hold, but some of my biggest paper profits now are just stupid bids I've had accepted so it takes a bit of the gloss off imo.

    At the back end of last year I held TAA and was showing about £3.60 in cap app. About the same time I was showing about £2.50 on Toni Kroos and about £2 on Depay just before his ACL injury. I sold all 3 but am back on Depay.

    I can show really nice profits on Hakan or Cancelo, who i have been committed too, but my biggest paper profit right now is Aouchiche who I got about a fortnight ago through a stingy bid before he started getting popular

  • Aouchiche
    Moussa Dembele
    Marcus Thuram

  • @MickTurbo
    ive got nice profits on hakan and aouchiche though hakan is the one im happiest with due to dividends on top. not far off 100% profit on him. im about 52p on auchiche i think

  • @JonesyFI-WH nice holds as all are on the up

  • Such a hard question to answer for so many different reasons.

    In terms of £ CA it has to be Messi for me at +£2.17 per share. In terms % CA it is Wober at well over 100% (bought 29p, now 63p). CA is paper profit until you sell. CA as a measure of success is pretty much a thing of the past. I have messed up my buy prices on a lot of holds by IPD refreshing shares. Much more profitable long-term than just trying to maintain a low buy price.

    Pogba has returned me over £1,700 in dividends and a 33% return, plus banked some profit by selling on peaks.

    Two of my favourite holds and also most profitable are Messi and Willian. Through PB, MB, IPD's, TOTM and CA from selling some shares I have banked enough actual cash to pay for my remaining holds. Therefore I am playing with 1,000 Willian and 300 Messi entirely risk free and future dividends and sales are pure profit.

  • @Martyn-B said in big portfolio holders with 100 players plus!:

    CA is pretty much a thing of the past

    What's your thinking here mate?

    I'll take a small leap and assume your thinking relates to order books, and like I keep saying, I cant speak with too much authority on them, because I know there are a good few on here far more clued up on them than I am. But surely the 'issuance curve' is gonna continue to facilitate cap app.

    Or have I assumed wrongly about your meaning?

  • @MickTurbo Mostly meant as a way of measuring portfolio values or "success", through a combination of order books, low ME bids skewing values and then refreshing shares for IPD's.

    Don't worry, still got massive belief in FI and the future.

  • @Martyn-B ahh I see. You're saying it's less relevant. I agree with you there. Obviously it matters when it comes to selling, but your meaning kind of ties in with what I said further up the thread. I take more pride in my cap app on Cancelo than I do in Aouchiche even tho the latter is bigger, because in a sense I've 'earned' the Cancelo profit where the Aouchiche profit, or a chunk of it at least, has been gifted to me

  • @MickTurbo Yep, that how I feel about Wober. I "bought" that CA on the ME and going to take a long time to sell and release that profit. I earned a genuine 100% CA last season on Hwang, should have been 300% but sold too soon but I "earned" that 100% and banked it.

  • @Martyn-B yeh, case in point, you've got a lot more to show on Wober than I have, and I've held him for a good 5 months. So whilst the ME is great, I do think that some of the gloss is taken off just showing cap app.

    To pick up on something else y said in your first post, I'm currently 1p in the red on Kimmich, cos I sold his spike to put towards neymar and Depay who have both given me further cap app and a good night of divs from Depay. I had bought Kimmich for about £4.05 iirc, so that really good profit has since gone on to yield even more 0rofit, but my actual figures In my port make it look like a small loss at present

  • @MickTurbo Yep, my spreadsheet rules!! Money working harder and better in different areas is better than just sitting doing nothing for a nice CA profit figure. Nice trading on Kimmy, your profit is banked and that red figure is meaningless.

  • @Martyn-B not a spread sheet guy mate so any historical buy/sell prices I give are approximate. I know I should keep spreadsheets but I just cant be arsed lol. And a lot of the time I can just pester my admin guy @Advinculas-Index's for certain bits of data. ATITH

  • @MickTurbo said in big portfolio holders with 100 players plus!:

    @Martyn-B not a spread sheet guy mate so any historical buy/sell prices I give are approximate. I know I should keep spreadsheets but I just cant be arsed lol. And a lot of the time I can just pester my admin guy @Advinculas-Index's for certain bits of data. ATITH

    Im just the middle man Mick - I forward all spreadsheet requests onto the brains of the operation.
    I only personally deal with requests for pics involving Lighthouses,sinking ships and Horses.


  • @Advinculas-Index LOL is a phrase that gets thrown around these days, but believe me when I say LOL

  • @Martyn-B do you think this is more the case now? i wanted to get towards a more passive style .less trading. a guy i know with a big port got onto indextrak and reckoned he made more profit by not trading what with the commission, but that was a few months ago. It seems people believe it's better now to have less loyalty to players and more to spikes and dips. i guess if there is more movement this makes sense. i still like to believe its worth keeping hold of the premium players and just topping up on dips. but that might be wishful thinking

  • @jonathan-rolfe

    I do believe it is better to be more active now but everyone's situation is different (time, cash balance, risk appetite, experience etc). I have been here 18 months and I have been very passive in the past. Made some great returns and decisions but also some pretty poor ones.

    Rather than just riding the dips I am trying to trade them, no player in my portfolio is unsellable and I have no target amount of cash or shares in players. If a player is spiking I will sell some (or least seriously consider it) and when a player dips I will buy more. Often these events are very predictable and often less than 24 hours apart.

    It has been harder to MS recently so when the opportunity comes along I tend to take it, often then buying back in on ME with the same cash.

    It is more time consuming, possibly more risky but it is also a lot of fun and very satisfying (and much more profitable) when you get it right.

  • @Martyn-B yeah . you've given me some food for thought. i ve been on since january. until the second div announcement i was more about cap app. then bought pb players. pretty well covered for that. now this thread has given a third tactic. of course its always facilitated by ipds but i think there may be more opportunities now. im certainly going to be trying this more. Sentimental attachment to players is gonna have to go out of the window

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