Jude Bellingham

  • He’s just headed for orbit. I know he scored for the under-21s yesterday but what’s prompted this morning’s spike?

  • @Richio probably that, people just finding out about it now as it'll be in today's news? Can't think of owt else.

  • @howsthebacon maybe some unlisting going on?

  • @Leo-G I reckon that’s definitely the case for some of the premium holds, but you’d be nuts to be looking to sell Bellingham. It’s hard to believe that many traders want rid.

  • @Richio I did want in earlier, but got stuck elsewhere especially with Messi Gate. Can only think that people want some profit or are looking to invest elsewhere for the shorter term

  • Im telling you the boys going to be Sancho on roids in a few years time he transfers out to ManU.

    My biggest and best hold, have very high hopes that Bellingham is going to buy daddy lots of new shoes lol

  • @Richio For every Sancho, there's probably a few other equivalents in terms of youth prices trending downwards (Dan James, Callum Hudson-Odoi etc) - I was happy to exit Bellingham on a spike a while back. I hope he does well at Dortmund and continues to rise in price but it is more of a risk compared to many proven FI performers.

  • @FootballArgos I got in quite early so if he ends up like CHO it’s still not a huge deal. Risk vs reward is worth it for me.

  • You have to understand, you dont buy Bellingham for Div return at Dort, you buy him because when the hype storm gets behind him going to ManU down the line and then possibly becoming a dividend winner.

    Then thats when his price will start to go nuts and start to be "justified".
    Long term CA hold , no other way about it imo

  • Buy him, park him for 2 years and any divs is a bonus. Young English will be linked to Utd = money

  • @Gregolocky THIS GUY GETS IT!!!

  • The thing that intrigues me is that he has started a lot of the friendlies Dortmund have had and if he starts the first game I think no matter the outcome he will see a rise.

    Unfortunately out of price range unless I sell Pogba at a shit IS.

  • @trig ID atleast think about it mate.

    As long as Bellingham dosnt break a leg and plays atleast halfway decent, the media hype will get behind him going to ManU down the line IMO.

    I mean ManU brought Fergie out of his box when Bellingham went to see them, its clear how they feel about the kid.

    I almost wish I had the balls to sell my whole port and put it in all on Bellingham tbh......

  • @Kanzz said in Jude Bellingham:

    I almost wish I had the balls to sell my whole port and put it in all on Bellingham tbh......

    That would probably be the most boring 3 years of your life.

    I totally get your enthusiasm for young Jude, but surely at his current price, there are better places to put your money in the short term.

    I do not doubt that he has the potential to double in price should all the cards fall into place over the next couple of years, but let's be honest, he looks unlikely to win PB during that time.

    There are multiple opportunities available elsewhere on the market at the minute whereby you could make 100% cap app in a matter of days/weeks and months, rather than sitting on Judes face for years ... 🤣

  • @johnboywalker Or lack of face...

  • I don't have the spare funds at the moment, but hoping to shift a few big holds once the season starts. Will be looking at Fati/Cherki/Bellingham, hoping they don't do anything special between now and then so their prices can level out a bit too.

  • @LampardCulture said in Jude Bellingham:

    @johnboywalker Or lack of face...


  • @johnboywalker Ill be honest Im not really one for chassing after things like that, I like to park my money in places/things and wait and collect, Im a very patient man.

    Dont need the stress of chassing every penny.
    If I could pop 10k into Bellingham and come back in 3 years and its 30k, id be over the moon.

    The bells and whistles of winning divs mean very little to me, my fun comes from growing my money and making it work for me because I was right lol

  • @Kanzz do you have a separate pot to play around with on more short term profits? Or is it just a case of pumping money into your youth and leaving it? I think I'd have to have a mix to be fair, I enjoy the trading too much.

  • @howsthebacon I just pump money into "good" holds and leave them to "cook" then collect my money when its "ready".

    I have toyed with the idea of some good div winners, but its hard as I hate the idea of buying a £8 player for divs who gains me 50p in divs but drops 80p in price..... Dosnt get me all that excited tbh.

    Popping 1k or whatever into a £1-2 player hoping he grows into a £4+ player is how I like to play the game tbh.
    I seam to have an eye for talent and its served me well so far, CA beats DIV in terms of ROI IMO.

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