• Can someone explain why a player who will be in CL final and who will be Spain's main playmaker at the WC is falling in value?
    Am I missing something?

  • His price spiked due to transfer rumours to the EPL

  • @Comrade how much do you think Isco should be on ?

  • No idea lol

  • Bad timing on my part

  • He is injured

  • @NewUser60527
    Is that why he got subbed last week?

  • It’s not a lot of drop for a player 14p , if it’s a minor injury then hold on . Don’t be afraid . I got di Maria and he’s got slight injury and prices been falling , am still holding and been topping up . In my eyes top players will always continue to come good .
    Isco has one name which will do well for MB , this summer there will be a lot of links to the premiership teams so looking good for Isco . By the way I hold zero shares on Isco .

  • @FOF
    Missed the news but just read up on it now

  • He's s weird one, albeit a small insignificant drop. As s holder I think his price drop is down to the fact he is playing well and getting game time in the important games this lowering his chance to leave in the summer.

  • i've been on the index for about 6 weeks and Isco was my first purchase. I too figured these things. Wolrd cup for a possible contender, champions league, getting and keeping a 1st team place. He's currently 8p less than i bought him for and his maximum in the entire 6 weeks I've had him was i think 6p up. He's not really moved anywhere in the past 6 weeks/ 2 months and I don't really see why either. Even when he scored the goals for Spain recently he just dropped about 10 p after the game. Hopefully he'll pick up in the coming weeks as the world cup looms

  • Isco was one of the first players i brought (like Asensio) and I held for months without any movement... So as soon as I made 10p per future I got rid because that money was better used elsewhere...

    He should have everything going for him? Arguably Spain's best player playing for one of the worlds biggest clubs but the fact that he's not really in the top 2/3 players (media-wise) at his club does effect him buzzwise. Ronaldo is Real Madrid's star so he will always take the limelight ahead of Bale. PB-wise it's very difficult for a midfielder who doesn't score enough to pick up wins... With no real transfer buzz (although a bit recently in veign targeting some EPL touts) it's difficult for me now knowing how FI works to see how Isco fits in to my portfolio?

    If he were to leave then he might become interesting... But knowing how much he's loved by the Real Madrid fans I think there would be outrage if they sold him... So how realistic is that? So the only real reason to invest for me would be on the basis that he'll do well for Spain in the WC... and in a tough group that's not even a gimmie just yet?

  • @dannypea Yeah i bought Asensio along with Isco and he rose so much that I was able to sell those and get in some Salah shares before this recent boom he's had. Asensio hasn't really done anything for a while but still rose quite considerably and Isco remained where he was despite really good form for club and country when previously being out of the team. Weird.

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