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  • Half tempted to buy at 55p with what could be 8p in MB coming back today. Then I checked his stats and decided against it! 12 career goals in 306 apps, a PB average last season of about 60.

    Does have the benefit of single name MB but who knows how long that will be a thing for.

  • He had been living in a Linton Travel tavern during most of that time though and then had to battle a Toblerone addition, however i believe he has come out of the other side a much stronger individual
    Im not sure how much the daily commute from Anglia to Merseyside will affect him though as i suspect he will remain in Norwich given that hes just purchased a 5 bastard bedroomed house with a futuristic toilet that you could imagine Buck Rogers taking a dump in - in the 21st century

  • Please can Everton sign a player called Dan...Dan...Dan...Dan...hasn't heard me...Dan...😆

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