has the footie gone up today?

  • i'm always interested to know if a good day for my portfolio is mirrored by the FOOTIE? today is by far my strongest day for around 2 weeks. anyone else seeing the same? guessing people who have gone heavy on the top players (like me) are seeing it?

  • Mind's gone down. Tempted to sell Lukaku, he's not scored in a decade

  • I’ve seen a fair amount of growth in the last 2 days. I suspect this will continue with the traders meet coming up next weekend, with a sudden surge on the day.

    But I’ve only been on the index for a month. What do other more experienced traders think?

  • @NewUser137636
    You are spot on, shall expect a growth for the whole week especially on the top players, footie should be at a new record high on Saturday (the day of the traders meeting)

  • Yes, the Footie is growing again. All of the Top 10 players are up, for the first time in over a week. Great news if you’re invested in the big guns (handy dividend return from Messi last night too).

    I suspect it’s because payday was on Friday for many people.

    Hopefully more significant growth to follow this weekend after the trader event.

  • My growth has been down to Jadon Sancho. Took a loss on Rodriguez, so I could get more phutures on him.

  • @Joking I can’t afford him yet (or anyone else for that matter). Really hope his price drops along with other targets (ones that won’t have much transfer spec and aren’t going to WC) and to get on them before the new season!

  • @Joking I sold all my Lukaku futures to go with him onstead.

  • @PaulR Good idea.

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