Jayden Bogle

  • Wanted to pick him up as a future prospect earlier but upon the news he is on his way to Sheffield United I've bought in. Might not go straight into the team but figured there are a few plus points with him that could see some cap app:

    • Young and English (always helps)
    • He hasn't gone to one of the big boys so will get game time and will hopefully use United as a stepping stone to a bigger club
    • Sheffield United defenders score a lot so hopefully he'll have license to roam
    • Sheffield United keep a lot of clean sheets (but did any of their defenders ever win PB, doubt it?)

    Goal scoring stats aren't anything to sing about but 3 in 77 isn't awful for a full back and may improve under Wilder as an all round player. Any thoughts? Any other holders?

  • @howsthebacon dunno for FI but ill be chuffed to bits if we sign him for 5 mil 😁

    Fingers crossed he does well and wins you some dough!

  • @Stevo been a lot of clubs linked to him and I like it when a young player makes a sensible move. Sheffield United will be good for him, he'll be worth at least 20m by next season, hell, he'll be worth 20m the day he signs for you, 5m is a snip.

  • I'm a holder, also a Derby fan. And honestly can't believe we are selling him for 5 million when Matty Cash has just gone for 15 million.
    If he gets better defensively he could quite easily be a very very good prem player, loads of quality going forward.

  • @FiPGtips I'd be more concerned if he was a good defender but needed work going forward. The former is easier to teach and under Wilder (who I find a bit annoying but he is a great manager) he'll become a much more solid all round player I think. Looking forward to see what he does.

    I've got my main holds, goalkeeper holds, few players with potential for bonus IPDs - but the two areas I'm looking to expand in my port are youngsters with potential to break through and some bargain buys just for the fun of it (the equivalent of penny shares haha).

    Any tips?

  • @FiPGtips is Lowe any good?

  • Grew up a Sheff United fan but live in Derby now so feel well placed to have my 2p's worth.

    Bogle could be a good player, right now I'm not convinced. He played in a conventional back 4 for Derby, came on leaps and bounds under Lampard but seems to have stagnated under Cocu (more defensive). Sheff United play a very unusual system, by no means will he be a starter in the league imo as I rate Baldock very very high. Fortunately, Bogle won't need as much defensive quality under Wilder as RWB is more about the attacking support, Bogle does have a good delivery.

    It's a good move for both clubs (Sheff United get depth and Derby get some much needed cash).

    For the record, Lowe is more established. Been on loan a couple of times, seems to have impressed just never been overly good at Derby - they tend to play a player (Forsyth) who has had 3 ACL injuries in his career whilst at Derby which doesn't fill me with loads of confidence.

    Derby have bags of talent in their academy - few others I'll be looking out for over Bogle personally (Bird, Whittaker, Sibley). As a Sheff United fan, I'm a bit concerned about this year - we need someone to put the ball in the net more regularly unless McBurnie will take that role.

    Wasn't expecting this post to be long, but there you go; hopefully some of this information is useful.

  • @howsthebacon bogle is certainly one to watch and keep hold of.
    As for any other derby players, I'd be jumping all over sibley (attacking mid) and to some extent Bird (defensive mid) if they get ipo'd at some point. We have some great academy players as @Highfields96 says, just taking a little while to gel together

  • @FiPGtips The future there is very bright, the only thing that worries me is the need for cash means that they might not develop fully. I'm sure this deal will go some way to addressing that, but ideally I like to see players develop for at least 3 years where they graduate to have the best chance.

  • @Stevo a good young player, prone to a mistake at times mainly with his positioning but promising. He went on loan to Aberdeen in Lampards season and was there player of the season.
    They will both be a big miss for us

  • @Highfields96 I do find it a very strange deal. They would both benefit from another season with us as they would be starters and I doubt they will with Sheffield United, but who knows, I'd say if bogle gets his chance and he performs like I've seen him at times he could force his way to be a starter.

  • @FiPGtips thanks, I'll be happy with them both. Bringing avergae age of the squad down and potential resale value which appears to be our model goinf forward. Cant complain. Good luck for next season.

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