Davide Calabria

  • What are your thoughts on this guy? Seem to be conflicting stories in the press; some saying Milan are looking to move him on others that the club are saying he's not for sale. He's homegrown so would be pure profit on sale, that said they may want to keep him on as he's one of their own. Scored in the last couple of friendlies, relatively young and < 50p. I'm not on but one I'm considering.

  • @wolves86

    I don't hold either but I have been keeping tabs on him since the restart. Looks a good attacking wingback. watched the Monza game last night and thought he looked great! His PB scores have been improving too. I've seen the articles you mention as well saying that Milan want to move him on. Maybe they have had a change of heart after his recent performances?

    The thing that put me off getting on him though is that he seems quite injury prone. I imagine that is the reason Milan are considering moving him on rather than his ability. Milan are said to be looking at bringing in more defenders too.


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