Guedes and Gaya (price rise)

  • Anybody got any ideas why this pair of Valencia first team starlets are flying today?

    Secret fanboy (Gary Neville) just stuck a load of cash into the index maybe??

  • Ronaldo has recommended Guedes for Real Madrid (should Bale leave) and Man Utd monitoring Gaya i think?

  • Murcus Thuram also rises up over 30% yesterday following Jonathan Pearce constantly raving about him verses PSG... Thought Guingamp's Clement Grenier was much classier but couldn't find him on the index :-(

  • Guedes and Gaya we're both talked about pretty favourably on the recent FIG podcast. Seen movement on this before.

    Will be interesting to see if Thuram plummets back down to 70p like Ajer...

  • @dannypea He is there, 61p. Very classy player, great free kick taker learnt off Juninho so not a suprise! Had major injuries over past few of seasons, if it wasn't for that I'm sure he'd be playing for one of the bigger teams in Europe, still has plenty of quality and surprised he went to Guingamp in Jan.

  • Pretty sure its the podcast ..

    Annoying because I was listening to it , thinking about jumping on for that reason. Probably too late now as those who pod jumped might pod jump off to collect.

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