Graph Watch- Jadon Sancho

  • I made a thread about my technical analysis some time ago, and many people were keen on me doing it weekly.

    I'll try my best to keep threads of player watches updated, but i think now that we're going to be seeing more volatility and more activity, it's a good time to introduce these.

    I will also be transparent, i will disclose whether i hold the player or not, as i do not intend this to be seen as an indirect way of pumping players.

    First player i'll be looking at- Jadon Sancho. I do not hold.



    First graph is showing the way his price is changing every 6 hours. We do not trade in a volatile market like the FOREX or US equity markets to be looking at the price every 30-60 mins. So a 6-hour price overview i feel is appropriate.

    The orange line shows the 7-day average of his price, the blue 18 days and the green 30 days. The reasons behind these are many, but primarily it allows me to get the best gauge as to when to enter or exit a trade.

    Graph 1- 6 hour

    We see a crossover at £14.70. With technical analysis, a crossing over of the fast (7 day) and slow (30 day) moving averages- basically the thick orange and green lines, is a strong indicator to buy or sell.

    However, let's slow down a little. A 6-hour view is not the most conclusive, it can be quite reactionary and you may not actually time a good trade. There is more risk with the 6-hour view, but it allows you to time and entry/exit at a lower/higher price respectively.

    Also, we need to look at the blue and red bars, which are candlesticks. Another good indicator to buy would be when we see lots of thick and long blue candlesticks- it means that buying pressure is outweighing selling pressure. With Sancho, after the cross at £14.70, we see this. So, a good sign. Shall i buy now?? Hold on.

    Graph 2- 1 day

    I personally tend to prefer this. Why? Because when i use this time span, it's much more conclusive. Reason being is that it picks up more of the trend, it's less reactionary and shows that the price of that player is breaking trend( moving very differently to previous price trend). With the 1 day view, i can be more confident of a good entry/exit. However, the downside is that i time it a little later, and invariably miss out on the initial rise or drop. You can't have it all!

    With more volatile and higher priced players, the 1-day view is a better indicator in my opinion.

    So, for those who hold Sancho or want to buy more or even top up, there may come an opportunity over the coming days where you can time a solid entry. I will update as and when i see this happening.

    I'm not going to go into the fundamentals- age, transfer performance etc as that's not what my intentions are here. I'm just analysing his price moves, and what the data shows and forecasts.

    Hope you all enjoyed the beginning of something i'm looking forward to sharing. Look out for another player later today!

  • @Meridismo04 love it, can you do one for Phillip Max 😜

  • @Gregolocky That will cost you one Jadon Sancho.

  • Martin Odegaard and Reinier coming later today- separate threads.

  • @Meridismo04 brilliant stuff. Candle sticks and how best to analyse them is something ive been learning over the last few months in preparation for all the Nasdaq changes. Stuff like this is what will grow the product because technically someone with no interest or knowledge of football could be successful on the football index just by analysing graphs and predicting treands

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