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    Graphs of Odegaard below- I do not hold.



    For me, there are some strong signals to buy. If you'd gone for the shorter trend from graph one, you would have timed the entry at £3.80.

    The longer, more secure trend, would have time at £3.95. Of course you won't be paying this assuming you're picking him up though the ME.

    There's overall strong buying momentum, and his price is beginning to follow a really solid upward trajectory. If i wanted him, i'd go in now.

    Will update in a few days/weeks to see where his price ends up, but am confident it will continue to rise.

  • I'm all for moving average crossover strategy when it comes to stock trading (on the longer time frames) which is a decent way to call a change in trend. I haven't looked into it much in FI but I'm pretty sure these crossover points would primarily coincide with dividend increases or big PB score so looks good in hindsight but I'm not sure if it's as relevant tbh. Each to their own of course.

  • @Meridismo04 the only issue with this is that its based on him being the star man playing every week for sociedad, whereas it appears he's going to be staying at real where he could slot in and still be star man or he could be bit part player in a team of big egos.

    I really like odegaard and he was class but something putting me off at the moment. Including this weird injury he has to do with his tendons or something. Chepa if he regains his form from last season. Expensive of hes got a recurring issue that blights his career.

  • @Stevo Like I've said on previous threads, I'm not going into the fundamentals. They determine the way the price moves.

  • @Wiillaah It could be worth you backtesting a lot of player graphs. You'll see how one could have made/saved a lot of money by the MA crossover.

    This will work even better when we have more active trading and volatility in the market btw, it cannot be compared to the stock market as of right now.

  • Are the graphs based on the average IS price? Otherwise, the price is perhaps being affected by unlisting of shares. Also think he's a risky buy now that he's back at Madrid

  • @FootballArgos No, buy price.

  • Probably the first player I’ve timed the dip right 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Got in at £3.50

    Class player and Madrid are going through a bit of a transitional period with their aging squad so I’m hoping Zizou trusts the lad and gives him his chance
    Norway are looking quite exciting as well

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