Allan Saint Maximin

  • I think this guy is going to get a top transfer and boooom....

    Newcastle will be keeping a NET transfer profit as seeking to sell the club and have purchased 4 players already. One player Fraser plays in Maximins position

    I think its a virtual certainty as Maximin is the only 'profitable' saleable asset to cover incoming transfers

    Plus or Minus opinions welcome to discuss

  • I'm a NUFC fan, and unfortunately I think you are right. I hope not, but the more money I see being spent the more I believe that the rug will be pulled from beneath us.
    If there are no sales, this would be a very positive window with still a relatively small spend for the players we have acquired.
    Based on recent past experiences when things are going well, a disappointment is usually around the corner.

  • Another NUFC fan here and I don't think we will sell ASM (in this window). I know we have Fraser now who can play wide left, and Joelinton will also be playing on the left with Wilson as central striker, but ASM can play number 10 or wide right.

    I think we'd ask for huge money for him based on one good season, and people wouldn't be up for paying that much...however if he has another good season this year don't be shocked to see him on his way next summer.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Brane_Orsou

    Thanks for honest reply... I hope thats how it works out for you.... But I just have a feeling Maximin will command at least 60m today and it just all made sense to me and his FI values would literally double overnight

    Good luck in new season however :-)

  • @MG3
    Morning Mate.... Yes I used to live there and I follow them through fans I know... Unfortunate times but still in premiership so hopefully better days ahead.

    I was just looking at maximins value on FI and buy price and bid price differences... I jumped on it after these 4 purchases you made at NUFC as you said... Historically when good things happen, Mr Ashley generally drops a bombshell

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