• What do people think his price could go to if he bangs in a couple goals Saturday?

  • Easily £3.00+ for me....

  • Held him before but couldn't get a large amount at a decent price so ended up selling for a small profit. What's his highest bid currently?

  • @howsthebacon 2.18 atm but has been fluctuating between 2.12-2.18 over the past 24 hours

  • @RManny23 Cheers, I'll chuck 2.15 and see how it goes. Just need the season to start cos I'm getting restless and thinking of players I want to add but I am actually quite happy with my port going into the season.

  • @howsthebacon Yh got a few 2.13 bids accepted overnight so 2.15 might work now. Same just want it to start ASAP

  • @Tiger2244

    I bought 250 from market at £2.14 this week. I would have gone in harder as I expect a 25-50% rise on him, but with one year left on his deal and having been a bit stung by Depay this week, I am limiting myself to that until the window has passed!

    If he stays and hasn't signed a new deal yet there will be MB that starts to accumulate across the season. If he signs a new deal this month there will likely be one or two MB wins, and with new security that he is staying plus a decent chance he will be more MB friendly after the MB review, I'd say £3 is very achievable... There is however that lingering chance he could leave, I don't think he will, but it could yet happen... Even then at £2.20 there isn't much of a risk as it'll be to a PB league

    Edit - if he does stay there is also this - we will be in the Europa which means we will play a lot of Monday games - Bronze game days with 6p + on offer plus a good chance of winning media that night...

  • I just put my money where my mouth is and doubled down to 500, expect him to move to Saudi Arabia now 😂

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