Lucas Ocampos

  • Guys opinion please on this fella - I have held him almost since joining FI in the hope he might get a big move. He does well at Sevilla but not well enough and just bobs along gaining a penny, losing a penny. At 26 I am hopeful there is still long term potential but he is not a really big div winner. Keep and hope things will change or ditch and invest elsewhere. A rumour of a move to Man Utd or Barca might help the his price if anyone wants to start one ...... value you your honest opinions even if it is just a pump.

  • Just had an excellent season with Sevilla, may have been a chance of a sale but COVID has killed a lot of transfer activity. Has a similar season again and a transfer could be possible next summer.

    He takes penalties and for an attacker wins a lot of recoveries and other PB friendly stuff including dribbling. However the possession based approach of Sevilla means that their midfielders score strongly (Banega was freak at the end of the season) and his PB wins will be limited even though he won twice since COVID.

    I hold but unless he gets changed to a FWD I may move him on as his price is unlikely to improve greatly. Sevilla also only have 2 games (27th and 30th) during the promotion so his IPD attractiveness is limited.

  • @Gary-T

    I like him. I sold during the EL at around £1.35 and bought back in at £1.10 recently. Should be a decent hold

  • I like him; held since 44p. Got 20% div return on that so far, and I expect he could well be a 100% div return for me in the coming year.

  • @Gary-T

    I don't hold, but I wouldn't be in a hurry to move him on if I were you.

    Although he will usually require a goal to win PB and his base score is not great, he was the penalty taker last season and I expect that to continue.

    He is a midfielder that actually plays as a wide forward (similar to neymar, gnabry etc), so I wouldn't be surprised to find him reclassified as a forward in the future, which would be a major plus point.

    Lastly, he seems to be immune to the Lopetegui rotation system, having played 33 games in La Liga last season starting 31 of them and completing 83 minutes on average per game.

    I don't see a big move in his future and expect him to remain with Sevilla for the foreseeable.

    There are far far worse bets out there mate.

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