FIG SURVEY - Win a £25 Amazon voucher!

  • I've created a survey to try and make FIG content better, and I'd love it if you all took 5 mins out of your day to answer the survey.

    I will choose one person at random to win a £25 Amazon voucher Call me hand

    Chains Link here!

    Really do appreciate anyone answering, thanks so much in advance!

  • @The-FIG Survey done.

    Current content is great and short term, I think any analysis around the impact of Order Books when they go live will be interesting as there's a lot of debate about which way it will go. Any insights would be great to see in relation to players at both ends of the market.

    Longer term, it would be interesting to see how FI has evolved and what new users think - is it seen as complex, or more users joining from a financial/ trading background?

    Come on guys, £25 Amazon voucher - better than a Fulham training top!!!

  • @Metropolis Haha thanks mate! Appreciate your kind words and thanks for filling it out :)

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