• See the young man has just come out and said sorry for the covid breach. Commendable but would he have admitted the breach if he had not been grassed up in Iceland - Gareth Southgate called him and Foden naive - I call it bloody stupidity.

  • @Gary-T I assume you would have shown a bit more restraint with a couple of Icelandic models throwing themselves at you? Young lads shagging birds. Not their smartest move, but not the end of the world.

  • @Jimbob

    I'd agree, but the fact Foden is married with a kid is not great

  • @Baydog yeah, bit of a dick move (excuse the pun) on Foden's part, but footballers shag around. Just like we all did at that age, although not with Icelandic models sadly. Hopefully they'll be a bit more careful in future, lesson learned.

  • @Baydog Madness a Footballer is 20 and Married with a 2 year old.

    He doesn't make a lot of good decisions this Foden lad.

  • @Jimbob

    Very true, but I do wonder what sort of impact this may have on Foden's mentality. His wife could decide to leave him, separated from kid etc. It could be his first broken heart and all that (they are childhood sweethearts). I remember what I was like on my first big break up in my early 20s, I did not cover myself in glory like most young men do not in those situations!

  • I think it reflects on Southgate as well. Two lads new to the squad and doing what they want. Obviously not much respect for the boss. Wouldnt blame them either. He's up there with Ole on the tactics board!

  • @NewUser257481 Two young lads wanting to go into a couple of sorts used to happen all the time. Think even Fergie had trouble with Giggs and Sharpe back in the day.

  • @DJ-110 fair but on your first England camp and one of them with a missus n kid. You had a chance of getting away with things before,Giggs did for a long time. chance!

  • @Jimbob We will agree to disagree on this one I think. For me it has nothing to do with icelandic models throwing themselves at them - good luck to them - but more about Covid-19, being in a bubble to protect them and their team mates in the England team and now when they get back to their respective clubs and loved ones. If they just happen to catch this bloody virus their complacency could pass it on to someone else and then it might just be the end of the world for somebody - I hope not . We will agree on one thing ... not their smartst move.

  • Could have been worse, Rooney would have been down the nearest old folks home...😆

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