Worth buying Mbappé?

  • Mbappé, for the top quality player he promises to be, is still reasonably cheap. Is there much potential in his price skyrocketing to the likes of Salah in recent times? Or is it not worth a punt?

  • The way mbappe plays reminds me of Thierry Henry , the boy is still only 19 years of age . He’s got speed , quick dribbling skills , good vision and eye for goal . He’s actually very unselfish attacker , he’s assists rates always similar to amont of goals he scored . In a talented squad of France , he should be a starter and potentially lit the World Cup up . MB wise he’s not great ( neyma hogs the limelight at PSG) . All the top clubs are interested in mbappe , so if he moves to premiership club and I believe the media will love him . PSG may have to force to sell as they are under investigation of financial fair play rule . Out of all the sub £5 players , I rate mbappe and Leroy sane of Man City .

  • @FOF thanks for you reply mate, it's immensely appreciated.

    Just wondering, I'm quite new to this scene and I'm unaware of a lot of terms being used. What does "MB" mean?

    Thanks a lot!

  • depends on your strategy but remember you do have a 3 year hold and I believe long term he'll be one of the stars of the game so growth in value on FI will certainly come with that ongoing... Although his form of late has been inconsistent I think the bigger picture suggests he'll grow and grow and a decent WC could kick start that some more....

    I do think playing second or third fiddle to the likes of Neymar & Cavani at PSG does hold him back (in FI terms) especially as PB scores and MB buzz isn't that great... but i can see him (like Neymar & Cavani) moving on regardless within a year or two and the next chapter of his will be his biggest and best yet. I don't have any holds because I don't see immediate value but I might be persuaded come June/July to invest!!

  • @SanjayP1998 Check this out mate: https://forums.footballindex.co.uk/topic/1417/football-index-faqs/31

    Should be a big help with the terms used etc. and includes some advice that I think applies in this case: being a great player is not the same as being a great buy on Football Index! ;)

  • @SanjayP1998 I been thinking the same thing mate his got to be worth buying 500 quids worth I reckon he will be treble this time next year

  • @SanjayP1998 media buzz

  • I will use salah as an example . 30th June valued at £1.62 per share . Transferred to Liverpool and price rose to £4.25 . Scores and winning games then price rocketed to today price of £9.73 . Performing in real life has lifted Salah to near top fi player . For the record I missed the boat on salah so I hold no shares in salah .
    My point is any players performing well consistently scoring and winning every game in premiership will bring instant MB magnates. Without saying value of players go sky high . If mbappe was to move to prem , potentially he can do it . Aubamang could be scoring goals for fun next season . Whoever able to produce will be another Salah on the FI .

  • @FOF that man IMO is Leroy Sane, he will be dangerous next season

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