It's been six months since i've said...


    Here's the reason:

    I have quite a lot of him and his price keeps going down and its irritating me. Most days i type his name into google and it returns the same tedious Chelsea/Brighton stories...

    Perhaps more annoying than that is his stupid young face is always smugly looking back at me. I used to just consider it his it annoys me. I occasionally look up CSKA results to see that he's done bugger all.

    So to summarise the above is not actually a reason to buy him but more a tirade about his stupid grinning face. there's a WAIT IT'S THE SAME BLOODY STORY!

  • Fuck sake really wish I'd scrolled down before purchasing.

  • @Ellisandro instant sell and put it all on Daniel James. Easy. 👍🏼

  • @Ellisandro one of my first purchases after some clown pumped him when I was a nieve trusting newbie. Got stuck with 100 had to take a loss.

    Seriously though, good to see you back!😂

  • @Ellisandro don't stress on Kovalenko. Still my biggest hold 🤮

    Contract extended til next summer where he and our Ukrainian ports will return to Kiev on horseback with European glory (quarter finals, maybe a semi!) and the Crimean peninsula!

    Now, first step, get his first team place back at Shakhtar...

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