End of month stats (April)

  • Hey everyone! Here is the summary for April;

    Media Buzz Winners;
    1st - Mo Salah - 17 Wins
    2nd - Paul Pogba - 6 Wins
    3rd - Ronaldo - 4 Wins
    Others - Messi/Giroud/Alli - 1 Win

    Performance Buzz Forwards; (With more than 1 win)
    1st - Memphis Depay - 3 Wins
    2nd - Carlos Bacca - 2 Wins

    Performance Buzz Midfielders; (With more than 1 win)
    1st - James Rodriguez/Remy Cabella/Marcelo Brozovic - 2 Wins

    Performance Buzz Defenders; (With more than 1 win)
    1st - Mathieu Debuchy - 3 Wins

    No players won the 'Performance Buzz Best Player' more than once this month

    Footie value



    • Mo Salah (£9.71) has run away with the Media Buzz this month winning over 50% of the possible 30 days.
    • Mathieu Debuchy (£0.70) has had a storming month considering his value, he has returned £0.28 in dividends alone.
    • Memphis Depay (£2.03) also on the cheaper side and returning £0.42 of dividends.
    • We experienced a turbulent couple of weeks resulting in some panic selling but the Footie is back to an all time high with growth expected to continue into next week for the Birmingham meet.

    Happy Trading!

  • Nice overview, thanks!

  • Great overview... be interesting to see the top ten MB wins since the start of the year and the top ten PB winners as well as the total dividend payouts per future??? If anyone has kept that info be great to have an insight out of interest??? Presume it's the old favourites mopping up but players like Depay are seriously undervalued considering the amount of PBs they win!!

  • @dannypea I bought a few Depay when I first joined as I felt he was under valued. Got him for about £1.20. He was in the red for months, Then he sky rocketed and I sold too soon as I lacked the experience. Oh well.

  • @James where's your data coming from mate I capture pb and mb data and I have only 1 pb win for debuchy in April. Also not got a Cabella win. Granted my data isn't fully up to 30th. So when did the wins happen?

  • @Noirx4
    Debuchy won on the;
    1st (Triple Buzz)
    14th (Triple Buzz)
    27th (Single Buzz)

    All information comes from Football Index Scout which is free to everyone and can be found here;


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  • @James at yep got it. St. Etienne had a good month

  • Thanks for this James

  • @dannypea - MB since Jan 1st,

    So this is what I have, would hasten to add that Countinho, Sanchez and Auba have won very few or none in Countinho's case since the their transfers. So Pogba providing best value at current prices.

    I won't send PB info as I'd suggest it's not the time to be buying PB players :-D

  • That's brilliant... so if you brought Salah at £4.44 on Jan 1st you would be looking at a profit of £6.96 per future (not inc PBs).

    Sanchez was £5.42 (before spiking at 7.29) so with his current value plus the dividends you would still be in 0.31p profit which after his fall from grace is not that disastrous if you kept faith in him throughout his transfer? (although those buying at +6 would have been stung).

    Pogba as you say offers great value.. 1st Jan he was £4.40 so at his current value would offer £3.29 profit

    Messi was £7.89 so with his price today (£9.69) he would profit you £2.52 although I know he has a few more PB dividends than most so that should be nearer to that of Pogba?

    Neymar was £8.14 is now £11.91 so a profit inc media dividends of £4.43

    Coutinho is the interesting one and one i've been stung on... Priced at £4.86 on 1st Jan he's now £3.04 losing you £1.29 per future if you purchased at the start of the year (again more if you brought at his height)....

    Finally Ronaldo was £5.96 on Jan 1st and is now £8.73 with his MB dividends he would profit you £3.28 not inc any PB he's won this year...

    My maths says if you invested in these players on Jan 1st today your returns (not inc PB) would be 31.9%

    I think this shows having shares in the top seven or eight even ten media based players would generate you a healthy return of well above 25%

    Be interested to see how that compares with say holding seven or eight or even double lower priced PB dominators??? Or even those that have risen hugely from their IPO price since then???

  • @dannypea ooh if anyone is gonna check this I'd suggest Parejo, Otamendi, Alves, Kimmich? And maybe Trent Alexander Arnold for that comparison?

  • And Depay. He is the PB boss lately!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ok so try again, apologies but saw I'd made a mistake and accidently posted before finishing :-D

    These are the PB stats I have since Jan 1st -


    A few things to keep in mind - firstly I've only included players with multiple wins, there are players with single wins + star player who will have returned more than some of the multi-time single game winners.

    Next, it gets a little complicated as I've not separated the EL / CL quarters + semis, so some of players got a triple return when there was only a couple or even single game - but still fine for looking at ROI.

    Lastly and most importantly, there are only a couple PB games + WC between now and August, so if you choose to buy now then don't be surprised / panicked if their price drifts as people look for a quicker return on MB / transfer speculation

  • 0_1525254321417_STATS.png

    So see above.. since the 1st Jan the top six valued players verses the top six highest PB scorers... Interesting reading whilst we imagine Salah to be tearing it up on different levels the returns seem less risky and well above 25% in general at the higher end but it shows the lower end can be just as exciting (if not more) although slightly more volatile? Who would of guessed Aaron Ramsey would be at 90% + returns since Jan 1st (without setting the world alight) whilst Milinkovic-Savic is better than Neymar which is largely down to form and attracting some interested clubs? I like Depay though... a solid £2 but returning well over 80% since the start of the year..

    I suppose this proves that there is value in 'all' players I feel although the outlay is high you have a better chance of positive returns at the top end but tried and trusted players around the £1-£2 bracket are equally as exciting to jump on to?

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