Missing MB Divs

  • Is anyone missing their MB divs from yesterday, in particular KDB? Or have I missed a comms that no Divs are paid due to pending order book implementation?

  • @MP1980 they get paid between 9 and 11 daily, might be a delay due to the freeze of adding to the sell queue tech; I’m sure it will get sorted

  • @Sav2000 thanks. Yeah probably jumping the guns bit, they are normally pretty good.

  • Yep, I'm also missing my KDB divs as I presume he finished top for 8p a share? Will see if they're added later as they're normally paid not much after 9am.

  • Not been paid yet, can't expect the tech guys to do 2 things at once

  • I'm missing Rashford

  • I can’t wait for my 7p

  • According to twitter;

    Top MB Scores Media Day 08/09/2020

    1. Kevin De Bruyne 1000pts
    2. Jadon Sancho 640pts
    3. Hector Bellerin 500pts
    4. Marcus Rashford 350 pts
    5. Trent Alexander-Arnold 340pts

    Clearly IT changes have predictably brought all normal activity to a halt, they will be paid at some point but clearly the tech guys are busy with the OB's preparation!

  • @Richio said in Missing MB Divs:

    I can’t wait for my 7p

    I remember years ago when people didn't get paid their divs, there was some sort of error and everyone was contacting FI to ask them to sort out and pay them. When I looked at mine I was missing pennies as I happened to have something like 1 share in someone I forgot to top up on.

    Na mate you can keep it

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah I bought a few Rashfords for far too much when I first joined FI and can’t shift them!

  • Mine have been paid now.

  • KDB divs were a bit late but only by 5 mins, nothing compared to my TOTM divs haha

  • @Richio Rashford is a good hold, he's already returned nearly £3 in divs playing in up to last season a very poor Man United side. He will do even better this year with a much stronger midfield behind him.

    Young / Man United / English / PB Divs / Media Divs
    What's not to like, if anything you should be topping up on him.

    His price has taken a hit because of an injury, then people getting on the Bruno Train and then people wanting a brand new shiny English/United Forward when they already have a proven div winner right there. I strongly believe Rashford will win more divs than Greenwood over the next 3 years. People will invest in Rashford when they see he is winning more PB/Media divs than Greenwood.

    I have used the opportunity to top him up with ME

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah I’m not desperate to shift him, with the euros next summer, but I’d also like to wait and see what happens tomorrow to his value. I agree he’s in a lull price wise, but I do worry about someone like Sancho coming in and diluting his limelight/exposure.

  • What is Rashford's current fitness status? Good to go for the new season? I know he struggled with a back problem last season.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah I'd be very surprised if Greenwood wins less dividends than Rashford in the next 3 years.

    Its likely Greenwood turns out to be a much better player and he could easily turn out to England's biggest star since Rooney. Rashford on the other hand clearly has limits to his game and on FI, potential to be the next big thing is everything.

  • @Richio Really can't see Sancho joining this season and as much as he plays exciting football at times he's not proven himself to be a PB winner and thats where the money should and will be going this season with the PB div increases and POTM.

    When Sancho leaves Dortmund his media will dry up as it's predominantly been about a transfer to United and some Liverpool.

    If he joins United then the media will be shared between Sancho / Bruno / Pogba / Rashford / Greenwood / Dea Geas dodgy keeping and Slap heads shocking defending and the next Sancho United are linked with.

    It doesn't add up and people are going to get stung. The smart money is to invest in Bruno / Rashford as as well as regular media buzz they win PB and will win more the better United get rather than a new player coming in and winning more.

    Using ME last month you could get 1 Rashford and 1 Bruno for the price of 1 Sancho. Sancho's price is all based on ifs and maybes while Rashford/Bruno already play for United and are proven media/Pb winners in the United side. I know where the smart money is and it's not in Sancho / Greenwood or Pogba

  • @Gaz No on FI potential to be the next big thing appears to be everything but the smart money is on those who are proven PB/Media div winners who retain their value. They earn you loads of money and then you can get out in profit.

    Anyone buying Greenwood at his current price is taking a massive gamble only based on hype not proven FI returns.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah Just because a player has won dividends previously, it doesn't always mean they'll continue to do so. Take Pogba for example. Since Bruno joined, his dividends have dried up and his price has dropped ever since.

    Greenwood has barely been around for a season. Rashford is now coming into his 6th season, so of course he's going to have a better yield so far.

    If Greenwood keeps performing like he did post Covid break, he will win more MB than Rashford and continue to soar in price. I actually think his game is better suited for PB as well.

  • @Gaz Thats basically my point, it's all depending on which fence you're choosing to sit on, is how you're viewing it. There are no guarantees, either player could break their leg tomorrow. However there is much less risk in someone cheaper and already proven than someone who's value is pretty much all on potential.

    My original point was trying to explain that Rashford is good value, not that Greenwood isn't. If I was on Greenwood a while back I would be very happy as yes he could really be huge for united and England, he could could be the biggest star in British football. Though If I invested £100 right now and could only choose between Greenwood and Rashford at their current price and I had to keep the investment for 1 year. I would 100% put it on Rashford. More likely to earn more divs based on Experience and the fact he's the first attacker in the team sheet and more likely for growth based on their current market value.

    That being said you could very well turn out to be right, so good luck to you.

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