Hugo Lloris

  • Am I missing something as to why Hugo Loris is so cheap (56p)?

    a) Spurs are currently 4th in the PL & are still in with a shout for a CL place.
    b) He's still only 31, plenty of years left as a goalkeeper.
    c) He's been tentatively linked with a move to Real Madrid.
    d) He's a cert on the 'plane to Russia with France.

    Before anyone comments re: I'm trying to pump up his price, I'm not. I'm a small time trader with a portfolio of less than £300.
    I'm simply interested in traders' thoughts. Cheers.

  • Short answer is, he's a Goalkeeper.

    Longer answer. He will never win MB, even if his price did rocket as goalkeepers don't sell papers, Highly unlikely to win PB unless he keeps a clean sheet and saves a penalty and no defenders score a game winning goal on the same day.

    Prices are driven by dividends. Highly unlikely any GK will every win dividends so prices are low.

  • He did rise to 95p at the end of July 2017 & again to 70p in this January window. I'm going to take a punt on him as I assume he can only fall to his IPO price?

  • His price rises will be because of rumours about GK getting there own category of PB... If these kick off again you'll be quids in... If not unlikely to go up much as needs a lot of help to win PB

  • As a goalkeeper, I think that they should have their own category! It is a specialised position and so it is a bit unfair to lump them with defenders. I'm guessing the opposition is down to the fact that on a 1-4 game day you'll have at worst a 1 in 8 chance of winning PB (as opposed to 1 in 16 for a striker, assuming each team plays two).

  • They have to give keepers their own PB section otherwise it's pointless having them

  • If you got the balls to back keeper and hope fi will introduce gk category , it will be high risk for high return . Just hope mr Cole announced this soon , we should keep requesting gk to have own catogory even a penny is better then nothing . Let’s put this Forward at the Birmingham meets .

  • If it gets positive news at the Birmingham meet. Watch the mobile phones come flying out!

  • Worth investing a small portion of portfolio on some of the top scoring goalkeepers? As mentioned above, it'll be easier to predict a goalkeeper PB win than other players.

    Could probably put that money to better use but by the time the category is announced I'll probably be late to the news and miss the boat! Something to ponder.

  • A 1 or 2p PB dividend for goalkeepers sounds logical to me and should help to grow the Index by making goalkeepers a realistic investment option, without undermining values in existing outfield players.

  • I've noticed that Butland has risen this morning. Is this the start of the goalie gold rush? He has WC, transfer and likely to move to a team with decent clean sheet/win potential.

  • I really don't see why FI don't encourage the reasons to invest in goalies by giving them there own PB category... At the moment... Nobody invests in them because they are worthless and add no value to you trading in them...

    IF they had there own category... All of a sudden they will have a worth and people will start trading them on a daily basis and buying up regular futures which means more money within the game?? Maybe FI are boxing clever and are timing it right before they go down this route? Maybe they have no intentions? I certainly think it's worth holding a few futures in the likes of De Gea & Donnurumma however as if they do release PB points the best in the GK category would prove a very worthwhile investment!!!

  • @dannypea I couldn't agree more with you. Makes sense for FI & punters alike. I hope someone does bring this up in Birmingham on Saturday.

  • I bought in some futures in Butland a couple months ago at 0.70p with this and the WC in mind. Now at 1.11 it's worth a punt.

  • @Braveheart He's been linked with a £35m move to Wolves today, so that probably explains the increase

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