False notification, shocking comms

  • Bruno, pogba and Rashfords buy price will fall considerably tomorrow and FI release a notification saying how great is is that these 3 up increasing in price when the only reason for the increase is because people are de listing from their huge queues so that they can hopefully sell at a reduces price tomorrow. This notification about the rise is fake and will likely confuse and put off any new users...

    FI is a great platform but its let down massively by its comms

  • Shocking to be fair I can only imagine the person doing that job has no clue.

  • Classic marketing team being clueless. Genuinely think it will have been done out of pure naivety.

  • After the notification i've seen people market buying pogba and bruno...
    Give them 24 hours before realising they have been played
    Well done FI! putting off new traders is quite hard to do, but you make it look so easy

  • See my post in the other thread, people were bidding £10 for Bruno perhaps off the back of that notification which is mental! The IS has already gone back down to £9.40.

    EDIT: I didn't react quick enough to sell mine - but whoever did...shame on you for taking advantage of people like that ;).

  • Are we sure that's what will happen tomorrow?

  • Of course, this is the reason for the increase paired with a huge spread

  • 58766473-0ef0-4d45-b6e6-f08fc4b23acf-image.png

    FI, offer him a refund

  • Two of my players. Maybe they would have sold when I get home .

    Where do I submit the list of the rest of the players I own to be pumped?

  • To be fair, bidding in the ME is covered in the Academy, it's not FI's fault if people don't use it...

  • @LampardCulture said in False notification, shocking comms:


    FI, offer him a refund

    I don't understand this, why didn't the guy just put in a generous bid via the matching engine?

    It would have been taken up in minutes and he would have saved himself a bit of cash.

  • @Marksandygill My problem isn't with people not knowing how to use the ME, its with FI throwing out misleading statements and information that could potentially hurt new traders and therefore the platforms rep

  • @LampardCulture nothing new though really, but yeah you'd think at this moment in time they might just lay off the comms unless it's to say shit might get real, don't worry!

  • Why is everyone in a rush to sell Bruno Fernandes? You do realise he might win player of the year and along with that expect a fair number of PB, MB and totm payouts?..anyway, no skin off my nose. Before Christmas, he will be £15.

    I would also remind people that the 5 sub rule is no longer applicable, meaning we revert back to the 3 substitute rule. Bruno is likely to play almost every game for 90+ minutes. Have a think about that lucrative incentive to hold/top up people..

  • @Sol I'm not keen to sell but when I saw the £10 offers you cant not...buy back in for 50p cheaper five mins later. I missed the chance though.

  • @howsthebacon fair enough, but be careful not to get your fingers burnt in the process! 👍🏼

  • @Sol I dont think all de-listing is with a view to selling although a chunk of it will be without a shadow of a doubt. When u look at Depay up 12p given what were being told, theres a good chance those de-listing him are doing so with a view to placing very low offers tomorrow. I hold by the way, one of the few I'm expecting turbulence with.

    But when u look at players like Fernandes, Pog, Rash, Werner all up a decent bit today, with the EPL just days away, then I dont think theres gonna be a race to the bottom on these players. It's just the case that people know the sell queue is becoming an anachronism so why bother sitting in it? Also, if non of these changes were happening, I wouldnt be the least bit suprised to see these players on the rise. Remember the pile in before the EPL re- start.

    There are some players on whom theres gonna be a bit of a race to the bottom, but it wont last because there will be a finite number of holders willing to part with good assets on the cheap, and plenty of willing buyers considering weve rarely dipped our to into the ocean of value created by the div increases, so I really dont think you need to worry about Bruno. I may have been concerned for him when it looked like Messi was coming, cos that would have cuckolded him along with everybody else in terms of MB, but that's not happening so he should be fine

  • It's worrying that people are market buying when the prices have only inflated due to de-listing.

  • @MickTurbo What a thought... Messi cuckholding Bruno, that would get a lot of media!!!😳🤣🤣🤣

  • Shocking from FI. They continue to amaze me with there Comms. Also can't believe some people buying players because of this announcement. Shocking all round. My friends who have joined and left are ones who bought at peak prices and the players kept losing value. Not good for new users.

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