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  • Could someone tell me how this works? Why will peoples ports drop? If I have 5 grand to spend tomorrow how low do I bid or what exactly?Sorry I have no clue

  • @NewUser332703 my understanding is that the new value of players will become the amount people are willing to pay for them - which makes sense. At the moment our port value is unrealistic because with ME, no one is paying the market value anymore.

    So the value of your port will maybe go down (maybe) at the top where it shows the value. But in reality it should be similar to what you would've got had you ISed your whole team today.

    I mean that is my very simplistic understanding of it.

    So my conclusion is not to worry too much as this is just the new reality. I never really look at the share price anymore these days, just see what the IS is and consider that the value of the share - which seems like how things will be from now on.

    (I'm sure someone will explain it in more detail and with a deeper understanding. Also if I'm talking bollocks, feel free to correct me)

  • @NewUser332703 if you are still learning about FI, I wouldn’t slap in so much. You will probably do more harm then good. Read the forum, go on youtube and generally educate yourself and when you are confident, go for it.

  • @NewUser332703 in terms of how low you bid, it might be worth buying only small amounts to begin with and work your way up and til you get a bid accepted. Then once you own a share you can get an idea of what people are bidding and then top up from there. Slower process but saves money in the long run.

  • Your best bet after following @Valhalla 's advice is to buy a fairly diverse set of players with low numbers of shares, just so you get a feel for how the market works whilst adopting a low risk approach.
    You will then see which types of players are best suited and work best to your style of trading.

  • @howsthebacon

    Sorry, just to confirm. I thought the sell price will remain the same as what people are willing to bid for the shares. But from tomorrow onwards, the buy price will be what people who own the share is willing to try and sell to the market.

    So there might be a drop in price from current market buy price, but it will probably be higher than current IS price. Cause if people aren't will to IS sell their share at the current sell price, then they won't put it for sale at that price tomorrow.

    Will be interesting to find what the balance will be between price people are will to pay and pay people are willing to sell.

  • @Mo189 ah you're right sorry, so yeah I don't think it's as concerning as people are making out. Be interesting to see what happens though.

  • @howsthebacon thanks mate. Yeah Iv always valed my port at the instant sell value anyway, the players I have that are down, depay etc i plan to hold for a long time to give the bet as much chance as possible to “win”

  • @Tiger2244 if you bought in at 4+ for Depay it's probably worth holding on to him. His price has dropped but you have to look at the reality, he's signing for Barcelona and he'll be Koeman's boy. There'll still be some PB to win just not as much as when he was at Lyon. And there is the Euros which I think Netherlands will do alright in. He's not a bad hold - someone made a good point earlier that even if the IS is low on a player, just make sure you remember your own valuation of a player and remember its a three year bet.

  • @howsthebacon I bought him at 4.97 unfortunately but tbh my valuation of him was 5.50 or 6 pounds, not sure how much he’s worth at Barca, he’s still a quality player. Ah well it’s gambling I guess, similarly bought zaniolo at 2.95 before the injury but another quality player, bought cherki last night at 6.20, I have maybe a bad dose of the FOMO at the moment, but I feel he will keep on rising

  • @Tiger2244 Cherki I had for a bit, saw the huge rise and sold not knowing he would go on to rise so much further! I don't have regrets as I made a profit but yes the FOMO is kicking in on all those young lad. Hoping Cherki/Bellingham/Fati have slow starts to the season so I can jump back in.

  • @howsthebacon I think midway between the current buy now price and the IS is a decent guide, though there will be some fluctuation, particularly on the premium players. The top buy offers are often a reasonable amount above the displayed IS price and sell orders will mostly naturally be above that, or you’d just IS. Those with players in the sell queue didn’t consider those top offers to be acceptable so in the case of Bruno you’d imagine that people will create sell orders at somewhere between 9.40/50 and the buy price (10.85). I think maybe there will be a price collapse in that sort of player, followed by a steady rise to the new normal price level as traders assess the market and start to put in sell orders.

  • @Richio luckily I got Bruno at around 9.28 but yeah the lads with the big spreads will be affected the most but that is only a small percentage of my spread so hopefully should be ok. Also the guys with big spreads are the ones I'm looking to hold long term. Either way will try not to panic.

  • @howsthebacon easier said than done, but I agree! In my port Messi, Depay, Rashford, Bruno are going to take a big hit in paper terms, but they’re all long term holds. Some of the drops on the bottom end players will be harder to stomach, as they’ll likely be a bigger % of the investment. I’m just glad I’ve got a very diverse port, and still hold a lot of keepers, but I’d expect half of my paper profit to be wiped out today. I guess the actual value of those shares hasn’t changed, but it’s a psychological hit.

  • @Richio yeah I hold Messi, Rashford and Bruno but all long term holds. I did buy in at Depay and Pogba's lowest price for a few shares just as an experiment last night, see what would happen today.

  • @howsthebacon unfortunately on those latter two I bought high, so I’m going to have to top up at some point to bring the average down and then pray.

  • @Richio I mean at least they're not complete lost causes.

    Depay will still be playing week in week out at Barca and might still win some PB (difficult alongside Messi though) and also has the Euros.

    Pogba when he comes back in the team should still be handy, again he has the Euros. I expect United to have a good season with Fernandes there from the start should take some pressure off Pogba and help him play his game

  • @howsthebacon As a United fan I hope you’re right. I’d imagine Pogba will be back to lapping up MB as he gets closer to having a year left on his contract next summer. I think there will be exit points on Rashford and Depay, but it will take a while.

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